How to Judge Psychic Online Readings

There are many companies out there offering psychic online readings. As with any business, some of them are legitimate and helpful while others only have their financial bottom line in mind. When you’re considering taking advantage of these services, it’s important to know what to look out for.

First, you’ll want to judge their personality. If you inquire about services and receive a bland, form e-mail or instant message back, that’s not a good sign. A real psychic will take the time to write you a detailed response to your inquiry and will make you feel comfortable that they aren’t just an anonymous robot across the internet. The best way to make sure you can gage their personality is to make sure that your personality shines through in your e-mail or message to them. Of course, the psychics should remain professional and you should be weary of any messages you get that aren’t, but you don’t want a drone either.

Next, you’ll want to research the companies you’re considering. Most online psychics will work through a website that offers a rating system. Some people are immediately drawn to those mediums who have a perfect rating. However, it’s often a good idea to be realistic. It’s unlikely that a psychic, or a professional in any field, has pleased 100% of their customers. When you see a psychic that has a majority of positive ratings but also has a few unsatisfied customers, it’s much more likely that you’re dealing with a real person and an accurate rating. Keep in mind that some people will rate a psychic badly for simply telling them something they didn’t want to hear.

Some psychics will offer personal contact information, as opposed to simply offering the ability to sign on to their server and get your reading that way. Most people have found that they have a better experience, and more trust, with a psychic who’s willing to give out their e-mail or a phone number you can reach them at. This helps you to know that if you require their services in the future, you won’t have to search through tons of ads or options out there to get to the person you want. However, the lack of this personal information shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. There are a number of psychics who simply want their privacy and don’t care to have people contact them directly.

Once you’ve decided on a psychic and choose to begin your psychic online reading, be sure to keep a fair and open mind. Some people will consider the reading a failure if the psychic is unable to help them with their specific question. The reality is that psychics are not always able to give you information on the specific topic you’re looking for. It’s better to find an honest psychic who can tell you that they can’t read something than someone who will make things up. Often if they’re not getting answers it’s a result of you blocking them with negative thoughts or doubts. Take a deep breath, relax and focus your thoughts for the best reading.


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