Is My House Haunted?

Many people on earth ask themselves the question, “is my house haunted.” You may be asking yourself if your own house is haunted. Maybe you are starting to hear things in the middle of the night. You may even have a poltergeist spirit in your home that wakes you up by a loud noise. Many people experience ghosts/spirits in different ways. I have had some negative experiences with ghosts in my life. It’s hard to tell what kind of ghosts exist out there. You have to allow your heart and your mind to get acquainted with ghosts in different ways. You may find that reading stories about ghosts gives you a new thought pattern about the “other side.” I think that psychics have their own philosophies of what ghosts really are all about.

In my opinion, you know your house better than anyone else that is out there. In order to verify the existence of a ghost inside of your home, it’s important to have a friend that is mentally stable stay with you inside of your home and try to listen or see what you are experiencing in your house. This is so you can verify if you are actually seeing a ghost or not. I personally believe that you can have a witness there for you if you are seeing something beyond this world.

I think that life has a journey. It has a beginning and an ending. I see the same exact thing with ghosts and haunting. Energies seem to have a story to tell. The more haunted that a house is, the more of a story it has to share with the living. It’s hard to say why God allows these spirits to disturb us. Jesus casted out demonic spirits. He thought of them as being bad. I believe the same thing as He did. I don’t believe any spirit should roam around your home for any reason. They don’t belong there and they can only be a nuisance to the living. You have to ask God to show you the way. He is love in so many ways. I know that God has a wonderful way with us. He knows how to make us laugh and He is always by our side.

If you are asking yourself if your house is haunted, then please set up an investigation. Use a digital tape recorder for evidence and ask a friend to come with you. You may need to have someone that hears from spirits with you. It’s important that you work alongside someone that truly knows about ghosts hunting.


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