Of all the twelve zodiac signs, Libra comes in the seventh place. This sign is symbolized by Balance. The people with this zodiac sign are born anywhere between September 23 and October 22. Being masculine, extrovert and positive sign, it is also considered to be an air sign and one among the four cardinal signs. Planet Venus rules over this zodiac sign. People born under this zodiac sign are intellectual, open minded and philosophical by character. At times, they are stubborn and selfish. They like to lead others.

Among the twelve astrological zodiac signs, Leo stands in the fifth position. This zodiac sign is assigned to those people whose birth dates fall between July 23 and August 22. This zodiac sign is denoted with the symbol of Lion (king of the jungle). This astrological sign is presided by the Sun. According to astrology, this zodiac sign is masculine, positive and extrovert by character and considered to be a fire sign and a fixed sign. People with this sign have pleasing personality and assertive psychologically. They are the center of attraction in social gatherings.

Both the zodiac signs are masculine and extrovert. The Leo man is compatible with the Libra girl only when they adjust and compromise. This girl being intellectual and capable of understanding his character, attempts to work for their successful relationship. She requires him to treat her with equal status during all occasions. If at all the Leo man indicates his superiority over her, misunderstanding crops up. She can avoid getting stressful due to her lover’s self-centered and egoistic behavior, by matching her quest for art and spiritual expression with the man’s creative energy. A Leo man exudes the stature of a Lion and thinks himself to be a king. He naturally aspires to get the same treatment from his Libra lover. He is fond of luxurious gifts and extravagant parties. At every occasion, she should boost his feeling that he is the center of attraction. She should co-operate in accompanying him on carriage ride drawn by horses. The Leo man is extremely loyal to this girl. She has to control her flirting qualities and make efforts in being loyal to her lover. The girl being smart in judging others, the man has to romance with her using high style. Both the lovers share high standards of glamour with each other. The Libra girl loves to be pampered and teases the man to analyze whether he really loves her. The girl yearns for the man’s listening to her inner desires about what she says or the places she wants to visit. Here, the man is in a position to exhibit his care and consideration for her. He should naturally exhibit her specialty over other girls.

The Leo man shows interest in publicity and expresses mega-confidence. He is capable of completing any action which he thinks is apt for the circumstance. With bigger targets in the mind, the Leo man tends to neglect small details. He needs the support of the Libra girl in managing the smaller details to perfection.


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