Among the twelve astrological signs, Leo comes in the fifth position. In astrology, birth dates of different people around the globe falling between July 23 and August 22 are represented by this zodiac sign. According to astrology, this zodiac sign is considered to be a fire sign and one among the four fixed signs other than Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius. People born with the fixed sign naturally have great stamina, perseverance and strength. This zodiac sign is ruled by the Sun. Male Lion with mane symbolizes this zodiac sign. The people representing this zodiac sign possess are masculine, extrovert in nature and are filled with positive thoughts. This zodiac signs is related with the Greco-Roman god Apollo and other Roman gods like Helios/Sol, Ra and the Roman goddess Sunna. The people with Leo as zodiac sign are gifted with great leadership qualities and assertive voice that appeals and makes other people to follow their saying and thereby have the ability to serve in professions like politics, CEO of a reputed company, film actors etc.

People born in between May 21 to June 21 belong to the third zodiacal sign, Gemini. Twins symbolize this sign. This sign is ruled by the planet Mercury. Gemini can also be associated with the Greek twins Apollo and Artemis. Being masculine, positive and extrovert, this sign is an air sign and a mutable sign. People born in this sign are resourceful, sympathetic, sharp and adaptable. They go through two vocations and two main loves.

A man with zodiac Leo sign is compatible with a woman of Gemini sign. This man has creative and enthusiastic frame of mind and is able to show off what he knows. This matches curious and imaginative nature of the Gemini woman. He has extreme love for his partner and is loyal to her. She reciprocates the same feeling using her communicative skills and charming personality. The man insists on her attention being directed towards him and she uses her clever and entertaining techniques to please him.

The Leo man is known for his generosity and warm-heartedness and spends lavishly in giving away gifts. This man encourages the inquisitive and intellectual pursuits of his lover. This woman is mentally oriented towards solving problems, and her togetherness removes boredom. The witty nature and tendency for ridicule of the Gemini woman is intolerable for the broad minded and expansive character of the man. By nature the Leo man feels superior to others and tries to be dominant which may be a stressful concern for the woman. The woman’s self-interested nature inhibits her from ego-stroking the stubborn Leo man. Her restless and youthful gestures get her attracted towards the pompous and patronizing Leo man. With an optimistic frame of mind, this woman spends time with her lover in secluded areas and never tries to compete with him for spotlight during their social gatherings. While this man is engaged in aiming for bigger goals, the Gemini woman attends to the smaller details which have been neglected by the Leo man.


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