Most Haunted

Some of the most haunted places in the world are haunted because the living have witnessed some bazaar events occurring. Sometimes these events can be so devastating that they make people fear these houses completely. I have never experienced a personal haunting. However, I have seen enough evidence on film to prove to me that the supernatural does exist and that we are all here to try and prove whether or not it is real. In order to find out more concerning the paranormal, we are going to have to put our mind into focus and give ourselves something to look forward to. In reality, we all learn a life lesson over time.

I think that people choose to visit the most haunted places because they are searching for proof of the afterlife. Many people wonder if there is life beyond the grave. I personally know that there is life beyond the grave and that we were all created equally by God. We have a heavenly father that truly cares for all of us. Ghosts cannot give any explanation to me about the afterlife. I think that we have a soul and when we die, it either goes to God or to some place of unrest. I call this the in between place. Most ghost hunters will attest to the fact that they have witnessed hearing voices on digital tape or seeing some apparition on film. I know that ghost hunters have some pretty good footage when it comes to proving the existence of spirits. I know that when we take our last breath, we experience something that we have never seen or even witnessed before. Some people experience a God like presence. They will often reach out to God as though they are seeing something angelic in front of them. Others see horror and some say that they know that they are going to die before they actually do.

We have all witnessed death in a different way. We have to slowly come to terms with death on our own. Visiting the most haunted places in the world may or may not prove the existence of life after death for you. However, if you do capture a voice on a digital tape recorder or an apparition on a video tape, you will be certain that what you are seeing and hearing did not come from this earth.


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