Psychic medium tests

Psychic ability is common with different people with different culture, age and gender. Psychic medium tests are done to understand these abilities in individuals and recognize the capabilities. Four types of groupings are done in psychic talent, they are – psychokinesis, clairvoyance, precognition and telepathy. There are different psychic power tests to understand the ability for each of these categories.

Clairvoyance is using the sixth sense and discerns the information without the use of traditional 5 senses. Those people with this capability are called as bloodhounds. Several psychic medium tests have been conducted on this ability for longer duration. These psychic power test, tests the ability to relate an event happening concurrently in another place or identify objects from places where the person has not visited or does not have any knowledge of it. The conclusion was made that success rate of such tests were higher than expected. The scientific dimension of this psychic ability is called as observer effect of the person.

Psychokinesis is moving or elevating or bending some object through your mental ability and without having any physical contact. There were many psychic medium tests conducted and documented for this capability. Only a few people in the world have this kind of psychic ability. Some of the test would involve a spoon bending and levitating it without having a physical contact and needs to be done with their mind. Since there are very few people who have this ability the test results are not that satisfactory to the other psychic power tests conducted for other kind of psychic ability.

Precognition is about predicting a future event yet to happen about a country or on any specific subject they are familiar with. The people with such a capability demonstrate their limitation of the knowledge about such events, as they do not have the full information about the place or the subject on which they give precognition. Generally the psychic medium test on this skill has proved to be varied with many positive aspects and some negative aspects.

Telepathy is ability of one person to tell about the thought process of another person. This mainly relates to thoughts of the other person and his current mind reading, when the individual is in front. This is one of the most common extrasensory phenomena and this skill is developed by experience and perception. There have been several psychic medium tests conducted to understand this skill and several such tests have been having very high accuracy. Several people display this type of psychic ability in them and many are not aware of this skill present in them. Several popular games are available to test a person’s ability to divine others thought and intuit a number or a sentence or a color.

There are several online resources to do psychic medium tests. Zener cards are the most popular type to understand the psychic capability of individuals and also know their level of competence. These online tests make an individual understand one’s own extra sensory perceptional ability and make them develop the psychic skills. Some of the online tests are repeated many times with different cards each time to make an complete level of assessment of the psychic ability and also understand the significance of the psychic skill of the individual.


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