A human being is not an omnipotent GOD but have immense power other than any creature in the world. By practice, practice and practice human can see into the past, watch the present and predict the future with immense spiritual power he/she is having. This power is known as psychic ability of humans. Every human is having some kind of psychic abilities. There are many types of psychic ability a human can have or by practice can achieve. It is not only practice but faith also requires acquiring such types of psychic abilities. The different psychic abilities and levels are there:

  1. Clairvoyance: A person having this type of psychic ability can see the hidden outcome of an incident or event in future, it is often confused with the ability to see into the future but it is a psychic ability to see the hidden outcome of an event in the future. Person having this kind of ability can see the angels and spirits also.
  2. Clairaudience: An ability to hear which is inaudible to others. A person with this ability can hear the voices which are not possible to hear for a normal human being and more than the range of a normal human being.
  3. Clairsentience: With the help of this type of psychic ability a psychic medium has an insight of hidden or forgotten fact and can sense feelings, emotions and energy of others.
  4. Animal telepathy: Psychic ability to have conversation with various kinds of animals or creatures.
  5. Aura reading: With the help of this psychic power one can see or read the aura (Outer energy field of living being) and tell about the health of that particular being.
  6. Automatic writing: A person starts writing without conscious control, his/her thoughts controlled and guided by the supernatural power or spirit.
  7. Telekinesis: In this type of psychic ability a person can move things from one place to another place. It is also known as psychokinesis.
  8. Pyrokinesis: An ability to start fire with the power of one’s mind.
  9. Telepathy: With the help of this psychic power two people can communicate mind to mind with one another.
  10. Intuition: To know in advance about any incident or to predict any incident without any rational thought or base.
  11. Channeling/Trans medium channel: Use one’s body to communicate the message of a spirit. Here body works as a channel to communicate the message of spirit.
  12. Retro cognition: A psychic power to feel, see and hear the past lives or past births.
  13. Hiero: A graphic version of automatic writing. A psychic power to draw the pictures under the influence of any super natural power or spirit unconsciously.
  14. Prophecy: In this psychic a person can predict the future event under the guidance of divine power.

All these types of psychic ability shows the super natural or spiritual power of human being which he/she can achieve as god’s gift by birth or by practice in a disciplined way.

Some experts believe that to be known as a psychic medium one needs have the quality and ability which is unique and can be in you be birth only. But the reality is that anyone can learn the techniques and art of reading and analysis if they work and gain refine the skills of the art. This can be done like any other hobby or profession. Once you are proficient in the art of psychic reading your efficiency to think and reach of thought process will touch the boundaries which were unapproachable. There are simple techniques to develop psychic abilities and embark the journey as a psychic medium.

Before starting one needs to be aware about the reality that once one starts this and gains the power to judge and visualise the future or the afterlife the strength to fight and love the truth is expected. It is your temperament to fight the evils and love the divine.

Meditation: A stress Buster

Any time you aim to practice and work on your power, you’ll need a complete state of relaxation and peace to judge and analyse. This will allow your mind to accept the messages you are expecting to enter your mind with ease. The most appropriate way to relax is meditation. This helps you get your heart rate and blood pressure in control. The first attempt may take longer and with practice and experience the level of concentration will increase. The high level of concentration helps you to know the message clearly and you can succeed to develop psychic abilities.

Visualize Messages and pray for protection

Once your body is relaxed and your concentration allows you to hold your vision to judge and know, you can completely concentrate on your aim. The concentration and your love to be in that state of mind will help you visualise the message and praying for protection from evil becomes the part of the art. If your belief for praying is not there, concentrate and visualise the positive energies around you. Never be disappointed if you are not able to obtain the real messages you are expecting, they cannot be obtain unless the appropriate condition are achieved. The more you practice and concentrate on the thought process and spontaneity to analyse, better and more satisfactory answers can be obtained. Some messages may be unclear and hard to understand. But further concentration can help you construct the answers.

Practice to obtain the Complete Message

It is important that you receive entire message. Many messages can be critical and the broken form can destroy the meaning. Your focus and concentration is not only enough but also the positive zeal to obtain the result is expected. Aim for obtaining the complete message.

Assistance & Support

Never hesitate to take support and guidance from the experts who are experienced psychic mediums when you are working to develop psychic abilities. Their experiences will no doubt help you nourish your skills and move towards expertise. The professional psychic medium can be of great help to develop psychic abilities. The knowledge, presence of experts and your zeal to concentrate and obtain results can help you become proficient.


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