What Shows do Psychics Like to Watch

My favorite television show is Desperate Housewives. This is one show that I look forward to watching every single week. I think that it is amazing because it has great acting and real life moments. I think that every single person that watches this show will be able to tell you that it has profound moments in it that make you feel great. I think that it is a show that is meant to entice you. Many psychics watch this show because it is fun to watch. It gives people a sense of sanity in their own lives. Sometimes we cannot know how something is going to affect us until we watch it for ourselves.

Another great show that I like to watch is American Idol. I watch this show regularly when it’s in season. I think that if you can watch any show this year, then you should tune into this year. The year 2009 is supposed to be an excellent season for American Idol. I think that it’s amazing how many seasons have gone by already. There are literally millions of people wanting to become famous and American Idol can make that happen. I just wish that they would remove the age restrictions. I know some very good 40 year old singers that have powerful voices and can build a powerful career despite their age. I think that age should not be a requirement. After all, not every American Idol became a success story. Whatever happened to Bo Bice or Constantine? How about the kid that was called Chicken Little? They just dropped off the face of the earth and they were young and supposively talented. I however still get a kick out of watching William Hung on YouTube. I think that he had passion, but a horrible singing voice. If anything, he is more funny than gifted for singing. In any case, the show is great.

I also watch a lot of Oprah and Dr. Phil. Both of these shows provide excellent content. I also enjoy watching Judge Judy and The People’s Court. As you can see, psychics do have a lot of time on their hands between calls to watch their favorite television shows. If you get a chance to watch a certain television show, then I suggest you watch one. It will definitely open your eyes to the modern day media.


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