Your own Pet Psychic Reading

How to do Your own Pet Psychic Reading

  1. If you are in closeness to your pet then just look her in the eyes. This may be difficult for some animals as they can be very restless and can’t sit still. If the pet cannot look at your eyes then close your eyes and mentally imagine that they are sitting next to you in a circle which emits white light.
  2. Express to them like how much you want them and what you want them to do or stop with the help of the pictures. Visualize the behavior you would like them to follow and try to explain by expressing emotions as to why it is best for them to do so.
  3. If you would like your pet to do something, then try asking them a question and try to imagine a supporting behavior. If you want to ask your cat or dog if there could be anything you can do to make to do the master happier, imagine the same and then tie an emotion of happiness to the question put across. Listen to your pet with an open heart and take the first impression that comes to your mind. Sometimes it may just be a picture. The more time you spend on the answer the less accurate it may be. You can use similar technique to communicate with a pet. Imagine the smell of the pet with whom you’d like to talk. Pets are psychic too It is common to notice that many pet psychics and healers are not comfortable to do the reading in presence of their pets. This is because they feel that the pets are psychic and their physical presence is not necessary to perform the or to open a communication with them. Pets are extremely psychic by nature. Your own Pet Psychic Reading will help you understand how the pets are psychic too.

Pets are psychic and they can see angels, spirit guides and many other spirits around us all the time. This is very interesting and can be very comforting when we travel as we know that while we away our pet will have familiar friends to play with.

Pets, unlike human beings have only one life. So your pet today is your pet forever. As per some mythology they are first to welcome you while you on your journey to heaven. You will also be surprised to see many four-legged friends who are waiting to take a look at you who were your pet some point or the other in several births that from many other lifetimes. In fact when some psychics do readings they can find some cats and dogs around them. However, I usually have to ask if it’s one they recognize from this lifetime. As many animals friends from past lives come around, too.


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