Celebrity Psychics: the mediums for the rich and the famous

Psychics are not only consulted by the masses but also by celebrities to seek advice for their professional and personal life. Celebrity psychic mediums have boast of a good reputation as their predictions and insights are sought by the rich and the famous. A few of them have also become celebrities themselves as they have made a name for themselves amongst their clientele. Some of the popular celebrity psychic mediums include names likes Sylvia Browne, Judi Hoffman and Sloan Bella.

The popularity of Sylvia Browne can be attributed to the fact that she is one of the best known psychic mediums in the business. She has emerged as one of the trusted names as is evident from the popularity of her books on clairvoyance as well. She has also been a regular participant in seminars and lectures that focus on the subject and her works have been a vital source of information. She has attained the status of a celebrity in no time and today has her own official website that features psychic products and contact information. It also offers the users an insight into the personality of this celebrity psychic and how she made her foray into the field and achieved success.

Another celebrity psychic who has also become quite famous is Judi Hoffman. Judi has a client base that spans across more than three continents and hail from countries like United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Mexico, France, Ireland, and England. Though she is based in New York she manages her offshore clients through telephonic conversations and online communication. She offers them psychic readings through mails. For the clients who wish to meet her, she arranges for a direct meeting. Her clients belong to diverse fields and come from different cultures and family backgrounds. They include homemakers, doctors, teachers, lawyers and corporate honchos. A celebrity psychic like Judi also caters to celebrities of the stature of Golden Globe award winners, Grammy winners and Academy Award winners as well. She is hugely popular amongst these celebrities as well because she refuses to divulge any details about their report s and also does not reveal their identities. Being a celebrity psychic herself, she understands their need for privacy in personal matters.

Sloan Bella is another celebrity psychic. She calls herself a ‘clairaudient verbal channel’ and attributes her powers of prophecy and predictions to what she terms as ‘universal knowledge’. She acts as a medium between the universal force and the individual and is a mode of expression of the communication that takes place between the two. Her powers have gradually won her numerous fans which makes her a celebrity psychic in her own right.

It is not easy to be a celebrity psychic as they hog the limelight at all times and have little or no privacy for them. One may become famous overnight but it is difficult to maintain it. Their reputation is at stake and therefore everything a celebrity psychic says or does is closely monitored. Being celebrities themselves and acting as psychic consultants to celebrities, they do a careful balancing act.


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