Mental institution 1920 psychic medium

Spiritualism and psychic mediums reached their growth peak in early 20th century. The distinguishing feature of these movements was the belief that the there is life after death or the existence of the spirit in the spirit world which can be contacted by psychic mediums and can provide information on the future happenings. This movement or a religion flourished in English speaking countries like United States and many European countries. The statistics show that this movement had as many as 8 million followers. Skeptic reaction of the government to oppose these movements gave rise to number of mental institution 1920 psychic medium.

Psychic and spiritualism flourished for almost half a century. The movement grew in size by just word of mouth, camps, lectures by mediums and psychic readers. The movement had predominantly women psychics who actively worked towards social causes like abolition of slavery and women’s suffrage. It was a period was women were not given voting rights and it was during recession in a predominantly male dominated society. It was thought that these women suffered major metal illness and were confined to mental institution 1920 psychic medium.

Most of these women claimed to be psychic mediums who could contact spirits of the dead and claimed that spirits could progress into higher spheres of plane. This movement saw many world famous psychics and mediums and also thousands of mediums who were frauds and practiced spiritualism to extort money. It was time when women actively fought for their rights and used any mode of propaganda to achieve their birth rights. Psychic medium and spiritualism movement was one way to make the world hear their voice on various subjects. The Mental institution 1920 psychic medium saw number of talented and gifted mediums confined due their paranormal behavior.

By the end 1930, the mental institution 1920 psychic medium took a different outlook on mental health and started treating people with actual metal maladies. Forced by the improvement in science and various public outcries on the atrocities of confining people who claimed to possess paranormal powers to mental institution, made these institutions operate differently. The psychic spiritual movements died down by the end 1940. Spiritualism was actively practiced by Christian churches, by the freed slaves from the African continent. These people brought in their own set of occult practices which included voodooist and trance medium.

Mental institution 1920 psychic medium saw many people of African nationality confined due to their occult practices. The slave community had their healers and psychic mediums whose practices where abhorred by the white community. Many claimed that these voodoo practices cursed the white community which resulted in their women being possessed by spirits and went raving mad. How far these were true is not proven but voodooist existed and voodoo is still being practiced in many countries in its own way.

Spiritualism and psychic theories do not follow prescribed text but are practices which were handed down through generations and which most of the religion follow according to their cultural background.


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