Psychic Test: Self Purity as a Determinant factor

If you really want to undergo an honest psychic test to prove that you have the psychic reading ability in you fully developed, then, determining self purity is the first and foremost step in the series of such psychic tests to determine your psychic reading ability.

This is just it, and no other way may be better than this if you really want to be honest to yourself in your quest to discover if you have developed your psychic reading ability. As a matter of fact the moment you are able to ascertain that your have been able to achieve a perfect state of self purity, then you may not need any other psychic test whatsoever to prove that your psychic reading ability has been perfectly and fully developed. Hence, achieving self purity or having a successful training session during your self purification psychic training stage is the first determinant factor and a sure guarantee that you have activated your psychic reading ability.

The moment your psychic training mentor or your psychic tutorial guru gives you a pass mark on self purity, the direct implication is that you do not require any other form of psychic test to assure yourself that you are now a proved possessor of the psychic reading ability and other similar abilities like clairvoyance and mediumship. On the other hand, in a situation where you are fully aware that you never made it successful in your self purification stage of your psychic training, then any attempt to undergo or undertake any psychic test for the purpose of proving that you have developed your psychic reading ability is a pure self deception, and such a psychic test will be a complete premeditated sham or simply a pure self deception. Does that sound harsh? Well, that’s it, and there is no other proven way to it.

Let’s look at the issue this way; in becoming a psychic reader, the first stage a person undergoes is a premeditated rigorous process of self purification. During this stage, which is known for its undiluted emphasis on the arts of concentration, relaxation and positivism, the psychic reading trainee purifies the mind from every distraction, confusion, anxiety and doubt. This is done for two major reasons; so that the mind is cleansed of all distorted ideas and thoughts that run contrary to the laws and principles of the psychic realm of life, and the second reason is to sharpen the antenna of the mind to be able to pick up vibrational signals and sparks from realities around it at any time at all. Just to develop the psychic alertness of the individual.

When the self purification process is over, the individual takes on a new identity in astral plane of the psychic realm as a pure energy, and he acquires a new consciousness. At Hence, the above process is enough to demonstrate that your ability to prove or determine your state of self purity is the most determinant factor in any psychic test to determine your psychic reading ability.


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