Psychics have to Give Readings for Clients that are Loosing their Jobs

Every single day, psychics have to give readings for people that say that life really sucks for them. It’s understandable that life would stink for you at this stage. Everything seems to be on hold in America. People seem to be holding onto their money and not spending it fast enough. I think that if the media would stop saying that there is such a problem with money, then people would actually start buying again. I have found that the media controls society. It controls our moods and the way that we live. If the news says something is drastic, then we believe it. It is really controlling society and it’s a shame that we have reached a period in history where we cannot even get straight answers from the people that are over us. Who is to say what is really going on in the world that we live in? When was the last time that you felt that you were beginning lied to by a public figure? I think that politicians are always lying. I have never been a fan of politics. I think that politics stink for the most part. I cannot trust the news or politicians to say the least. I think that when a politician speaks, they are just reciting some speech that they may not even believe in. I am just tired of the bold faced lies.

If you are psychic, then I am sure you know and realize that we are living in a time that requires change of thought and change of thinking. I don’t know what period of life you are in, but I can tell you that you are somewhat like me. You are just tired of all this drama. I am sick and tired of scam artist companies ripping innocent people off and people loosing their jobs because some high powered CEO decided to cheat everyone out of a steady paycheck. I am tired of seeing the rich stomping all over the poor.

I am tired of a lot of things and really, we have to realize that God has it all in control. His love and His power amaze me. He really knows what is going on in the world today. I know that we may not think this when a client is calling because they are hurting or when a client just feels bad because they cannot find a decent paying job. We are living in a time where everything seems to be going to the dumps. However, I also realize that God is just trying to remind us all that we can never trust in our money. We can never think that we really own anything. This is because in God’s eyes, we are here for just a short while. We are here to be tested. We are here to be tried. Do you have what it takes to walk through the holy gates of heaven? Do you have any thoughts?


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