Psychology of art

Psychology is all about getting into the task of painting and analyzing, it’s exactly how the painter is actually trying to convey the concept through the painting. It is all about knowing the imaginations which could have used by the painter while preparing and developing the art. In the same way psychology of art can be seen even in the singer or any other artist. By listening to the music or the song one can make out the personality of the singer and the singer’s state of mind, feelings, thoughts and emotions. The songs generally have a very deep meaning and concept and could be easily been understood. The song reflects the situation of the scene in the movie or any play. In the same way music notes predict the nature and the mood of the musicians. Getting into the song will reveal and display the secret of the singer and the composer. Thus, we can even say psychology also seems to be an art. It seems to be an art to know people’s state of mind and their feelings, thoughts and emotions. This however cannot be understood without going into the depth of the knowledge of psychology of art. Art could be anything as it appears and made and there is no particular definition to define art. Art can be in painting a picture or portrait; it could be dancing or even playing musical instrument and stuff. Art seems to be very vast and every piece of creativity in the universe can be said to be an art. On the other hand psychology can be defined as the study of human behavior, thoughts, reaction, emotions and mental processes. Art is said to be a form of expression, expressing the inner state of mind and soul. Art is also said to be unique because of the different ways of its creation and as well as the ways of perception. Behind the creation of any great piece of art there seems to be a motive or certain incentive attached with the creation. That particular motive can be anything like the inner emotion, inner thought or an incident or even anger or something. An art is a kind of mirror which reflects the creator’s state of mind and the creator’s way of perceiving things. And this is what which brings the concept of psychology as an art. Therefore, we can say that psychology and art walks hand in hand. These are not the same but in fact reflect each other’s characteristics and traits. The topic psychology of art is an interesting topic as both discusses and explains about the personality of human beings.

The possibilities in a human state of mind are limitless and for one particular art there could be even ten different reviews and opinions. This is exactly what psychology seems to deal in the real sense. In psychology of art, art and psychology are the two different things which lead to the same aim. Art is perceptual and so questions could be asked based on our perceptions of viewing and seeing things. Psychology of art is very old inventions and depends on the philosophy of life.


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