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Psychology research is the research methods, which deals with the psychology topics. There are three main types of research methods and they are causal research, Descriptive research and Relational research. Causal research- These research experiment results come out with the cause and effect relationships, which investigate the effect of one or more variables or if one variable causes another variable to occur or change. This is a method of changing amount of treatment by measuring the cases. Descriptive research- They do not mention about the variable they consider only in describing. This is a search of what already exists in a gang or in a population. Relational Research is the research of connection between two or more variables, which is already present in the gang or population.

Psychological research experiment- color paper experiment, in a school every child was using colored paper rather than plain old paper can improve learning and performance. Therefore, the vision comparing than the white paper shows importance that is more prominent by this also the psychology of the individuals can be detected. Conformity experiment- this shows the impact of social behavior in individuals. This is a psychology research experiment a few questions to the participants who were telling the wrong answers were caught by the other seventy five percent of the people surrounding them. Seventy five percent of he subjects gave an incorrect response to at least one of the line length questions.

Psychologists always have research based on human psychology for gathering information’s about the human behavior. On a high level of informal, they make judgment, decisions, intentions, facts, motivations and types of actions also. In order to know how the psychologists and researchers came into the conclusion in the matter is because they know some basic steps and knacks present in the topic and hence they can afford the psychological research.

The goals of psychological studies implement that they should be precise, predict, explain, influence, mental health and mental behavior. They will do everything’s in a preplanned manner of the questions, which they are going to use and about the data collection and what all the conclusions they want to make out of he research. Have an education guess to vary about the possible relationship between the two variables. A variable is a factor or the element that can change in measurable ways. An operational description is the way of measuring and manipulating the variables what all are exactly defined. These are the three key terms to know when going for a research and they are the Hypothesis, variable, operational definition.

The psychology research should be in a literature review format it should always looks like in a book format and the academic journals dating back decades. The collected information should be in a relevant form, every body should understand that what mentioned there and there should be sectioning between the results. The research should have study habits and test anxiety are the two variables in this study, and they final result should be the self report it shouldn’t be depended upon any other study done in the past

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