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Research topics in psychology are vast and extensive. One need to conduct experiments on different topics and study the behavior etc.There are many research topics in psychology which we could talk or write about extensively. Few could be psychology of a child, an adolescent, adult, an animal or our behavior towards anything which is fascinating or something one strongly feels about or one is against it. The topics which we can research in psychology are many in number. The topics could be related to the following: • Religion • Entertainment • Sports • Politics • Social behavior • People • Diseases Psychology is an interesting subject which crosses the boundaries of logic and intellect and shows us how different the brain works and it’s not what we think it is. There are other research topics in psychology which are as following: • Cognitive psychology • Educational psychology • Social psychology • Counseling • Personality • Group behavior • Leadership • Learning • Organizations These topics are vast and worth doing research on and needs extensive study. Cognitive psychology studies the inter mental matter, whatever is going in the brains shows physically someway or the other. Cognitive psychology shows the emotions, the behavior etc,Educational psychology is more related to how one gets to know his surroundings, people etc by education and how a human being can differentiate and know things by educating himself psychology studies the behavior of a person with the society and group of other persons. The day to day activities, the thinking towards ones beliefs and thoughts come under social psychology. One who accepts the terms of a society and how he feels about certain norms set in it. All this comes in social psychology.

Counseling is mainly for those who are unable to accept the norms set in the society or who have issues in their lives and cannot solve them etc.Group behavior is a part of social psychology dealing with the interaction of people with each other. Leadership is known to be one the vast subjects of psychology and is one of the major research topics of psychology. It deals with studying about people who can influence others to do things and who have the qualities of a person who can be a leader. Learning is a cognitive process about skill and knowledge which one gets from his childhood till his death, it is a slow process and one learns from his experiences etc .Organizations is mainly about a group of people come together for a particular aim, because etc.psychology also studies the disease which is related to brain e.g. hallucinations and schizophrenia. People generally tend to call them insane or retarded but these are the people who do not study psychology. People who have hallucinations and suffer from schizophrenia are as sane as anyone else. They have a disorder which for a span of time makes them vulnerable to their own fears and others tend to call them insane and dangerous. Research topics of psychology are indeed worth reading for.

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