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School counseling progress notes is a record maintained by the school counselors regarding the progress statements of the student client. This report has the note of all the client’s behavior and attitude. It also contains the homework planner in which the assignments allotted to the students to practice at home. The problems can be anxiety, eating disorder, panic disorder, anger management, depression etc. this focuses more on the treatment planner as the assignments are assigned to treat the student and get them out of these severe problems. There is also a client education handout planner which informs and educates the client regarding the problems and health issues even mental illness issues. School counseling progress notes is helpful in keeping track of every client.

The school counseling progress notes are the type practice done by the elementary and middle school counselors regarding the safety of the records and storage and maintenance of the counselor’s notes. It is a very well organized system of maintaining the records of the clients and their treatment procedures. This system of maintenance helps the counselor to focus more on the treatment of the client rather than getting involved into the paper work. It is the best way to follow as it keeps the account of all the client in an order. This school counseling progress note contains the entire history of the client and problems faced by them. It also includes the practice exercise which is assigned to work at home. It is taken as the pert of the treatment procedure.

The school counseling progress report is the account of all the clients and is the secret diary maintained by the counselor so that no one could get hold of it. As, there cannot be few clients who does not like discussing their problems with anyone nor they want anyone to know about it except the counselor. Counseling children is more difficult than counseling adults as adults are more understanding and works accurately. The treatment of the client is the responsibility of the counselor and his parents. School counselor is the part of the education system at schools. In this new era of cut throat competition burden of expectation adds woes to the students. So, proper counseling has to be provided to students for managing the pressure but, at the same time counseling has to be provided to the parents in order to ease the pressure on children.

School counseling progress notes contains child’s history, progress and the treatments they provide to make them get over anxiety, depression and over excitement due to fear. The school counselors also help children in deciding their careers based on their and interest. They even explore their inner potential and boost up their morale. They provide indirect support and strength. They also convince their parents to let children study and enjoy and make them support their child’s interest. As each and every child is unique, each counseling and treatment is different. Thus, school counselors play an important role in grooming children and shaping up their career.

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