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School psychologist salaries can differ on the basis of the kind of school, location and experience. School psychologists work with students of all age group from early childhood to secondary level. Their main aim is to ensure a healthy learning environment so that the students can realize their potential. They work in collaboration with the teachers, school personnel parents and students to provide a safe learning environment in the schools.

School psychologists address the behavioral problems of the students by suggesting improved strategies in classroom management or even in parenting skills. Students with learning problems are evaluated while talented students are presented with better learning techniques to improve their potential. School psychologists thus contribute towards improving the learning environment by suggesting improved strategies in learning and teaching. School psychologist salaries depend on the nature of the responsibilities which may include evaluating the various services existing in the school environment such as prevention programs, strategies in behavior management and managing academic tasks.

Annual median school psychologist salaries for the year 2006 were around $ 59,000.On the lower side the salary was below $35,300 while it was more than $103,000earnings in the higher 10 percent bracket. About 50 percent, falling in the middle bracket earned salaries ranging from $45,800 to $ 77,820.

In most of the states the schools demand an Ed.S- a degree in school psychology. However school psychologist salaries increase with the degree of the psychologist, namely an individual with a Ph.D. degree can earn higher salaries almost around $ 60,000.The median annual salary for psychologists with a master’s degree is around $ 50,000 to $ 55,000. The salary data of school psychologist salaries clearly indicates that the increase in the number of years of experience is directly proportional to the increase in the annual earnings.

After gaining invaluable experience of more than 20 years, the median annual salary for school psychologists is more than $ 70,000. Salaries for school psychologists vary even on the basis of the area, province or state. The average school psychologist salary in Waterbury is $66, 000, in Washington, Dc the figure would be $ 76,000, and the salary range in New Jersey would be from $ 50,000 to $ 68,000 while in Texas the range would be from $ 46,000 to $ 56,000. California heads the list of highest salary among states with up to $ 81,000 while Los Angeles tops the chart among the cities.

Children face problems not only at home but also at school which when not addressed adequately may result in learning disorders. School psychologists are trained to attend to the different kinds of challenges faced by children and help them succeed in their school and future life. Apart from regular school psychologist salaries, a school psychologist enjoys numerous other benefits such as the satisfaction of helping students to succeed in the learning process. Besides the school psychologists have a comfortable and planned working schedule as their work is mostly related to problems in a school environm

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