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The dog will look happy when the owner is around but the fact is that the dog experiencing mental anguish and this could not be a healthy sign. Separation anxiety in dogs is the second most common disease in them and is caused due to the owners neglecting them. The separation anxiety disorder in dogs can happen in any breed of dog at any age. Dogs are a pack of animals and when they are separated from that group it is natural that they might feel left alone. The dogs will react to the separation by barking continuously or being destructive. They will be under stress when they get separated from their group and will become upset about it.

There will be personality changes in the dog as well when they are affected by anxiety disorder. They may become aggressive, or will become shy. They become depressed and it can even make them sick. They begin to chew their own parts of the body. The dog also occasionally dumps out the garbage from the bin and spread it all through the house. This might not happen often, but it is still due to separation anxiety in dogs.

To stop separation anxiety in dogs, we need to understand what is the main reason for it. There are two common reasons that can make them get into such a mode. The first reason of separation anxiety in dogs is due to lack of leadership in humans. In a group, the leader will be allowed to leave. But the followers will never leave the leader. So, if the dog is seeing you as their follower and if you leave them, it causes mental anguish in the dog and it is reflected in their behavior. They think that something has happened to their pack for which the dog is responsible. If the dog accepts you as the pack leader then separation anxiety will not exist.

Separation anxiety in dogs is also due to a lack of exercise. When the energy that is being build up within the dog may perhaps bring about several behavioral concerns. When the owner leaves it to strengthen their stress they start to react as they do not know what else to do. You must take the dog for a morning walk before they eat and also at night. To make the walk successful, the dog should be focused on its owner, its pack leader.

The owner must not allow the dog to go in front this will make them think that they are the leader. Always the pack leader goes first. It is very important that the dog comes besides you or behind you so that they think that you are the leader. If a dog walks with their mind focused only on the owner, they will release both physical and mental energy. This will work in their brain and will fulfill their canine instinct. It also relieves them from the responsibility of having to provide leadership. These efforts will ensure that separation anxiety in dogs does not occur.

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