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Anxiety results from nervousness, extreme fear of the unknown, worry although some fears and worries are justified, but at some point if these feelings are uncontrolled it can result in anxiety. Anxiety interferes with daily activities and impairs the person from being normal. Anxiety mentally and physically disturbs a person. Physically the person feels irritated, disturbed, gets angry easily, feels fatigue, lack of sleep and interrupts daily activity. Anxiety can cause emotional disturbance and lead to imbalance in teenagers, youth and adults alike. Anxiety can be due to a particular reason, situation or without a cause and the fear or worry is out of proportion than the normal. One of the types of anxiety is separation anxiety caused due to being away from the loved one or forcibly away from the loved one.

Separation from loved ones causes anxiety in people. Separation anxiety can be due to various reasons. It can be because of change of location, job, health, death, work pressure etc. In children to be away from parents is like being taken away from their security and that causes anxiety in them. They become irritated, refuse to have food and in the process they become weak. Separation anxiety makes child less sociable and more withdrawn. They feel left out and do not want to participate in any outdoor activities. Their performance in studies comes down, as they feel neglected.

In babies when they are separated from their mothers they feel as they are taken away from their protective cocoon and become cranky and grouchy. They do not like to mingle with any one and want to be with their mothers only. The intake of food is reduced thereby resulting in ill health. The side effects of separation anxiety in babies and children are diarrhea, trouble in breathing, stomach related problems, palpitations. Some children experience separation anxiety when they have to share their parents’ affection with the arrival a new brother or sister. This causes untold stress and inferiority complex in the child, as they feel left out from the inner love circle of their parents. Separation anxiety has many side effects in children and adults. Adults are affected by separation but it is very strong in babies. Adults take time to mingle, they feel lonely and are always thinking about the person they are separated from and live in their memories thereby alienating them from the outside world. Babies when undergoing separation anxiety limit child related activity. They like to keep to themselves, as they dislike playing and mingling with happy children. If the separation anxiety is strong in a child its ability to have fun and enjoy with other children decreases and they grow up into an unhappy adult carrying unpleasant memories and attitude. Separation anxiety can be dealt with counseling. The affected adult need to open up and let out their innermost feeling and insecurity so that their problem can be addressed. It may be easy for an adult to talk but for a child with constant attention and pampering they might overcome their fears.

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