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A depression is nothing but a state of a person who is in a very low mood who shows disinterest towards the world. It is a psychological disorder where a person behaves completely abnormal. This depression can be caused by various sources and reasons and there are a number of treatments that are available to cure this problem. Usually medicines are not involved in treating depression. Depressions are generally treated with therapeutics. Also a number of tests are available to find out the intensity of depression within a person.

The most popular and recognized test among them is the Beck Depression Inventory. This is often abbreviated as BDI. This was formulated by Dr. Aaron T.Beck in the year 1961. This is nothing but a questionnaire which consists of 21 multiple choice questions. Based on the answers that are selected by the patient, values ranging for 0 to 3 will be assigned as score and the summation of the scores will be considered for analyzing the result. Based on the total score, the intensity of depression within the patent will be found. The questionnaire consists of questions which are related to the signs and symptoms that are associated with depression.

One of the major sign of depression is related to the mood of the person. The mood of the person always reflects the intensity of depression of the person. Generally a person who is depressed will always feel empty and sad. Cycles of crying are associated in case of younger people and women. Irritation is associated in case of adults. Some people who wish to cry can never cry if they are depressed. This case of depression should be addressed immediately as depression is severe here. A person who is depressed will not show any interest towards worldly pleasures. They will behave as if they are isolated from the whole world.

Another major sign of depression is loss of weight. Depression not only affects a person mentally but also has its physical impacts. The brain impulses that are generated are not transmitted properly within the body and these results in the physical effects within the body. As the person will not have worldly pleasures he will not show much interest in food which results in drastic loss of weight. Also depression induces insomnia within a person. Insomnia is a state where a person spends most of his time sleeping. Insomnia is one of the major symptoms and signs of depression.

A person who suffers from depression will always feel restless. They will always keep thinking something within themselves. But they will be very much inactive. Also they will be in a fatigue state. They feel guilty as if they have committed some big crime for what is not at all a big issue. They will always have the fear of death within themselves which is accompanied by many other phobias. They will feel they are fit for nothing. These are some of the major signs of depression and if any five signs found, then it is the right time to consult a physician, preferably a psychiatrist.

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