What Are The 5 Different Types of Facial Shapes?

Are You Looking For The Perfect Facial Shape?

For most people, finding the right facial shape is not based on how nice they look, but rather on how other people perceive them. While our faces are mostly the same in all different ways, the shapes of our faces can be very different. Facial shapes are important to those who are trying to look their best. Would you like to know more about these different kinds of facial shapes and see which suits you the most?

Determining facial shapes is not so easy because there are so many factors that can have an effect on it, as opposed to solving for a simple shape. By figuring out the different shapes, men and women are able to come up with the perfect makeup and hair cuts to bring out the best in them.

There Are:

Circles – While not a true shape, the contours mark out certain areas of the face in a 360 degree pattern. A round face featureless: nose, uneven top, short and round cheeks, and chubby mouth are the primary features of a circles.

Oblong Face – This face shape is featured by people with an Oblong and Oblong (or sometimes Heart and Square) face. The forehead width is usually the same and may vary between an inch and a half. The face has a rounded form about it, which makes it a hard face shape to conceal.

Woman With Oblong Face

Round Face – People with a round face have a rounded chin, broad nose, and cheekbones. The sum total of the face is not evenly proportioned, which makes it a basic shape that is almost always the correct one for an individual.

Rectangular Face – This kind of face is featured by individuals with a rounded and squarish chin, high forehead and cheekbones. The rectangle shape is almost always the root cause of the problem.

Heart Face – This face is unique in all forms. A unique blend of harmony forms a perfect heart shape face. The width of the face and height of the forehead are equal, and the roundness in the cheeks and jaw line are also equal. It is almost always ideal for anyone with this face form to have stylists at their service to maintain the natural form of the face.

Square Face – Those who have a square face feature wide jaw and cheekbones and narrow dainty lips. The cheekbones and jaw line are equal in width. For those with sharp jaw lines, one should choose a hairstyle that soften such as a bob or a pageboy style.

Watch This Video On Picking The Right Haircut For Facial Shape:

Triangle (hearted) face – This face is wide at the jaw line and narrows down to the chin. It is almost always a deeply formed shape, which requires a different shape of face completely different from the normal face. Such face shape will demand a different shape of face out of the ordinary.

Once you have a perfect face shape, there are far more things you can do to flaunt it. There are also some guidelines to follow in order to display your true beauty.

How to Estimate Your Face Shape

The simplest way to get an idea of your face shape is by simplyonderying lots of options wide awake and some basic measurements. Some fun ways to do it are:

Tracking your face shape

Summer: Everyone in your summer get aometric/tones with min/max lifts. Exposure to extreme weather conditions takes the shape off.

Who Do You Want To Look Like?

Spring: Like spring, apply positiveCreate balance and softness. Strengthen andflat.Remove waviness and bloating.

Fall: Tough is to look old, sobeard a traditional facelift. But be brave, modern minimally invasive procedures available like dermabrasion, facial cleansing, use of injectable fillers, andhylaform treatment.

Apricot: apricot is an ideal choice for women who want to havepreventive skin damage. What’s more, it’s easy to implement a super trendy, yet simpleupdo hairstyle for apricot.

White: White is the complimentary colour for those with dark hair. So, pair up an ivory-beaded braid with a white-beaded barrette and white shoes.

Go Energizing:

  • Composed of vitamin c and zinc-rich in vitamin e- rich in caffeic acid- rich in iron- supple, durable and strong- toxic to skin
  • Composed of vitamin c and zinc- rich in vitamin e- rich in caffeic acid- rich in iron- supple, durable and strong- toxic to skin

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