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Having healthy, shiny and thick hair is the dream of almost everyone. To achieve this, many are willing spend hundreds to even thousands of dollars. With some little tricks, you can get appealing hair without having to spend a lot. This article is aimed at women as well as men. Anyone who loves to get free tips for beautiful hair is encouraged to peruse this article.

Tips #1: On Shampooing

If your scalp is extra oily, you might be tempted to use generous amount of shampoo. News flash: Besides wasting your money, this is not the right way of cleansing hair. Excessive use of shampoo causes tearing, tangling, matting, and dryness. The buildup residue of the shampoo will also cause swelling to your cuticles. It is better to use less than more shampoo.

Tips #2: On Conditioning

Conditioner coats your hair from the threat of chemically laden products or excessive heat from the dryer and curler. It is not necessary to apply conditioner to the roots of your hair. As the roots produce natural oils, it is the older strands (i.e. from your scalp ) that need the extra care. Applying conditioner to a sensitive scalp is also not recommended as these substances can cause dandruff or annoying head ashes.

Tips #3: On Brushing

The best hairbrush is the one made from boar bristles. There are indeed rather expensive, but it can be one of your best investments. If you have longer locks, brush by bending over and starting from the nape of your neck down instead of the usual top-down method. Avoid brushing your hair while wet as the roots are in their weakest stage. Wait until it is completely dry before brushing.

Tips #4: On Wearing Wig

Wigs offer extra protection for your hair, especially if you have to wear it daily. It might be expensive, but it is definitely worth the investment. Wigs that are well made ill add extra protection for your hair everyday.

Tips #5: On Minimizing the Use of Perfume

Several women enjoy the convenience of being able to roll out of bed and not having to worry about how they smell. Unfortunately, downside is the fact that they might miss their appointment if they leave home without cleaning up at home. Since fragrance is absorbed by the sweat, you might leave home smelling funky. To avoid this, you should leave home with your hair still wet. When it is still wet, the scent can easily be transferred to it from your hair.

Tips #6: On Dealing with Hair Issues

No one likes to deal with thin or unhealthy hair. To avoid these problems, ensure that you use your shampoo and conditioner to the very roots of your hair. When you rinse your hair, try using a comb or a “kidnapping”. Also, if you have split ends, try to avoid fried hair as much as possible. You might just be able to prevent it if you consult your hair professional.

Tips #7: On How to Enjoy a Spa Experience

If you do not know it, several spas in every city offer hair spa services. What you basically have to do is go to the spa, after having a long day, and relax in a chair. You should be able to nourish your scalp and make it shine.

Obviously, you also have to look for a spa that will give you a good pedicure or a manicure. Check out diverse options here because you can find a spa that will give you the best experience. Some of the following tips for you:

– A pedicure is best if it is Creative. There are professional designs that you can buy to decorate your toes. There are also some that will be able to design your own. If you do not know how to take care of your feet, you can always ask your friends to take care of it or get a pedicure for you.

– Nail treatments are best if they are relaxing. Causes of broken nails are not always from wearing too much nail polish. It can also be from wearing too much pressure on your nails. Regardless, if you are in a hurry, break it by using a file and some cuticle cream. Reveal your nails any way that you like.

– Juice treatments are not only good for your cuticles but also for your nails. Peach is a very good nail food. You should apply some oil or pure acetone to your nails and rub it on your nails. If you have weak or brittle nails, you can break your nails by using a hammer or by using the iron at the back of your hand.

Try to avoid the use of much heat on your nails.

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