Highlight Your Eyes and Your Life With Color Contacts

We live in a world today where we don’t have to settle for what nature has divined to give us. We can modify the color of our hair, tattoo our bodies, and wear ourselves into whatever glamorous hairdo we want.

In the case of our eyes, we can enhance our natural eye color with a few simple changes in color contact lenses.

We all have different natural eye colors. Blue eyes are typically blue-eyed targets. Green eyes will tend to be green eyed targets. If you have brown eyes, brown eyes are your best enhanced color contact lenses choice. If you have grey eyes, gray eyes are your best enhanced color contact lenses choice. If you have yellow eyes, yellow eyes are your best enhanced color contact lenses choice.

But is it really possible to enhance your irises with your contacts?

Yes, it is!

Different contact lens manufacturers give us a choice of enhancement color lenses. But enhancement color contact lenses are distinguished by a few kernels applied on the iris to give us a choice of eye enhancement colors.

Let’s see which color contacts let us choose enhance color contacts.

Scleral Color: These lenses are available in several hues. The most popular are harbor, olive and dark brown. They are natural color contact lenses and are synthetic, so chances of your eyes being green or brown color is very slim.

Horseshoe-shaped (lightly rectified) Color: These horseshoe-shaped lenses are available in various hues. Some popular hues include emerald green, blue, gray, and pink.

Large eyes: If you have large eyes, there is a wide range of color contact lenses available. You can choose improve the eye color with enhancement or color lenses.

While shopping for color contact lenses, always remember that if you need color contact lenses on account of the fact that your eyes is very sensitive, buy colored lenses from a reputable company backed by medical testing.

Theia and are two reputable companies, which sell color contact lenses in India. They have done a great job at making sure their brand of color contact lenses is reliable and secure. Theia has a safeguards board that inspects the manufacturing plants and the packaging before the lenses are sent out for distribution. Theia also monitors the hatching of the lenses and passes tests to ensure the lenses are secure.

There are three ways to purchase color contact lenses from these companies. One way is to go to an eye care professional for consultation or to an eye care website. The websites offer many different styles of lenses and are easy to use. One thing to remember is that when you buy online, you are not able to return the lenses for a refund. You will have to wait for your lenses to arrive (it can take up to a year to get your contact lenses from an online retailer).

The alternative is to hold a package of lenses for immediate shipping. However, if you think you might like to change some of the lens colors at a later date, you will have to contact the retailer — some companies are forever opaque about their lenses.

If you choose to purchase color contact lenses through an eye care company, make sure that the retailer is reputable. The retailer will order the lenses from a manufacturer, and will either have them shipped directly to your home or to your office. It’s best to order from a company that you know and trust. An eye care company’s website is usually the best place to find information about all the different styles of color contact lenses. In addition to compatibility with your eye color, the eye care company should be able to supply you with any information it thinks may be relevant to your particular brand of contact lenses. For example, it may supply information on how long the lenses are recommend and for how long you should remove them before wearing them, or whether it is best to choose theitis color lenses or the laminated ones. You should always take the time to check that the company is licensed by the FDA so that you know it is safe to purchase. As with any purchase, it is always a good idea to show the vendor a copy of your prescription. This will lessen the chance of any problems, and it will be something that you will want to keep in your purse, makeup bag and purse!

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