How to Look Younger Tanning

How Important Is Physical Appearance?

Does appearance really matter? Yes, in some cases it does. When it comes to natural aging, however, there is usually no need for concern. For the most part, the human face is simply going to have to take the hit that it’s going to take from sun rays.

Still, that’s not to say that we can or shouldn’t have sunscreen.   Actually, it’s probably a good idea to use some type of sunblock, but the sunless tanning products that are currently available are fairly safe.  They’re mostly safe because they’re relatively easy to use.

The downside to sunless tanning is that most of the products that are either professionally administered or available online have a very short shelf life.  They’re items that will probably spoil fairly quickly.  As a result, you’ll either be wasting your money or damaging your skin.

The tricky part comes when trying to follow the instructions.  Most tanning products have full instructions.  However, if you don’t understand something the instructions won’t make it clear.  So, be sure to carefully read all the fine print to grasp the important details. Also, be sure to properly clean your skin before applying the tanning product so it will know what to do with the extra melanin that comes out when the product reacts with your skin.

Applying the tanning product is fairly simple.  You’ll want to begin with clean skin. Preferably freshly washed and using a mild soap.  Then, you’ll want to exfoliate.  Why?  Because this will allow the tanning lotion to work evenly over your entire body.  You may wish to use an exfoliating scrub specifically designed for tanning beds.  Some of these exfoliating shampoos may have special moisturizing ingredients to promote healthy, tan-producing cells.

How Much Tanning Lotion Should You Apply?

A good rule of thumb when applying the tanning product is to apply it in the same areas that receive the sun naturally.  If you apply the product in a different area, you’ll receive a darker tan than you should have.  Generally, you’ll want to apply about the same amount of lotion in the same areas as in the azure sea breeze shave.

What Time of Day Should I Be Applying The Tanning Product?

There is absolutely no downtime with this process.  You’ll be getting an advanced one-amp application that will tan your skin gently and thoroughly.  You may feel uncomfortable during the process, but don’t worry – it goes away.  You should be able to tan all you want when you’re done.  Ideally, however, you should take a couple days and apply the tanner in sections so that it doesn’t have to tan your skin too darkly.

Does It Tan My Whole Body In One Session?

No, you should always follow up your tanning session with another application.  There is nothing wrong with doing this, but you may have trouble getting an even tan on your second application.

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How Do I G et the best application?

Again, listen to the professional who is applying the product.  Make sure they let you know how to use the body part that they are going to use.  Some tanning professionals apply it this way, and it’s okay to follow their instructions on alternate days.

Does It Leave An odor?

It depends on the type of lotion that is being used. Some leave an odor, and some don’t.  Something that people don’t tell you about is Lotion Tanning Accelerator.  This Accelerator produces a tan which smells a lot like a deep breath after you come out of the tanning booth.

It’s best to buy a tanning lotion that gives out a pleasant scent so that you don’t have to hold your breath the entire time while you wait for the tan to set in.

Why Does it Take so Long to Tan?

First of all, it’s very hard to tan yourself without being in the sun.  Making sure that you are in direct contact with the sun’s rays will ensure that your tan develops properly.

Also, you may have to sit in the sun for an extended period of time.  Usually, it takes about an hour or two to achieve the color that you want.

Do You Get Darker Lines or Wrinkles After a Sunless Tanning Session?

Yes, it is true.  The lines that are already present will be magnified, but other than that your skin will be perfectly healthy.

Sometimes though, people do see a slight change in the texture of the skin.

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