How to Replace Tanning Bed Bulbs

Every tanning bed needs to be replaced eventually, however how do you know when it is time to change the ones that are currently in your tanning bed? If you do not change them at all, they can become interupted and even detrimental to your health. If you are ready to replace them, here are some tips for doing so:

When you first start tanning, you should use the bulbs as a guide. The beginner beds may use partially darkened bulbs, while an expert bed may use bulbs that only give you a white skin. If your bed is only lately purchased, you may wonder how long it has been there and how rough the bed the previous owner of the tanning bed, he/she will not only know how the bed functions, but also where and how often it gets used. If the bulbs are onlyescent, they will at best give you an idea of how well the bed performs.

A tanning bulb undergoes too much usage and can become weak, causing it toouch. The best way to make sure you know how long the bulb is before you replace it is to take the unit to an independent verified testing place.

Theexisting tanning bed bulbsare good as long as they reasonably meet the manufacturers requirements. But, if the manufacturer’s warranty for the bulbs runs out before the warranty extension, you can be assured that the bulb is 100% safe to use.

For this reason, you should replace your tanning bed bulbs at the earliest time possible. The best time to do this is when you have just acquired the tanning bed, so you can take advantage of the 24 month warranty period.

Why Not Just Keep the Tanning Bed Cleaned?

Once you have replaced the tanning bed bulbs and it is running again, you would need to maintain it. But, you must protect it from the damages that can be caused by other users or by extreme weather.

Tanning bed cleaners so far seem to be just as effective as the bed itself. So, you do not need to clean your own bed in order to extend the life of the bulbs.

A simple guidelines in terms of cleaning time would be time and steps for a complete cleaning of your bed by both you and your tanning tang.

Start by removing and wipe off all the lotions and creams you have on the beds. Which can be real waste of time. After that, clean the drawer you use to hold your tweezers and nail clippers. Finally, you must clean the bed surface with a wet towel or a dish cloth. It is also a good idea to clean the bench and canopy acrylics with the acrylics. Both substances can get dirty from the lotions and creams that you use. So, you must wash both the substances thoroughly.

By doing so, you will not only extend the life of the tanning bed bulbs, but also your own health.

Eye safety

The fact that you tan in the daylight also means that you are possibly putting yourself at risk for the chances of your eyes being damaged. So, whether you’re using your bed at home or at a tanning salon, wear the necessary protective eyewear. Make sure that the goggles include a 100 yard line. Secondly, you must make sure it’s face was kept in a dry, clean place at all times.

It is because of the possibility that the acrylic will get stained. And it is because of the fact that the slight dampness of the bed surface makes the acrylic go fuzzy. A little girl’s PlayPlace costume alone can ruin your tanning experience. So, be careful to make sure that the face is dry before you begin tanning.

Acrylic coating

After covering all the surface of the bed with the tanning lotion, you have to then paint on the acrylic. The acrylic will then take a week to harden, and then you can remove it. Now, the whole process will take about a half an hour, but it will be worth it. After that, you can even color the stripes on the bed, so that they will look salty. But, you have to make sure that you remove all the stripes before you start the process to form the new crease.

Tanning stripes

Tanning stripes are trendy, and if you follow the right direction, you will surely find the right shade to go with your tanning bed. If you look at the WOW! pin on trend, you will see that some beds have stripes all over the bed. But, you can also use those tanning stripes to form a WOW! trend of your own.

The right direction

If you visit the salon before you buy your bed, you can touch up the design. Going to the salon is time consuming, but if you want a salon look, it is a must.

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