Is Emu Oil Really Good For Your Hair?

It seems like every day we see a new “latest and greatest” recommendation for healthy hair, but is it true? emu oil seems to be about as natural as natural can be.

emu is a term for the bird of Australia, and its oil, secreted by the males of some species of emu, is used for emu oil. note, not suitable for humans.

The Oil from EmusWho would have thought that oil from an emu would contain so much Healthy Hair Secret behind it?

igorating and restorative to the hair and scalp.

Restores healthy lustre and shine to the hair.

Repeats and strengthens split ends.

marks the growth of oily hair

Improves the texture and general health of the hair and scalp.

plumps the hair and adds body and bounce (look at shag hairstyles)

Draws attention to the hair at the front, giving it the appearance of volume and fullness

Can be applied to the hair in any season so you get natural highlights from the earth.

Can be applied to the hair in any part of the world.

Are you saying, “I wish there was such a product out there to add shine and luster to my hair”? Well you are certainly right. There is a natural remedy to add shine and luxury to your hair. Just take a look at the list of ingredients. You will find all you need to add shine to your hair.

Water – Add moisture to your hair by using water. The natural moisture contained in water will help the cuticle of the hair to lie flat and will smooth the hairs cuticle.

Seal in moisture — Since hair is made of protein, it also needs protein to grow. It needs stretch marks, dry damaged hair and split ends for the hair to feel alive. seal in moisture by using olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil.

Caffeine — One of the main ingredients in most shampoos. It helps to open the hair follicles and push the hair faster through the scalp. The more caffeine you add to the shampoo the better result you will get. You can also use witch hazel as a primer before you add any other ingredients.

Tea Tree Oil — Also called the miracle oil, it is primarily composed of cantharidin, which is a plant recognized and recognized as a phytonutrient. Cantharidin tells the world that this oil came from an Australian flower. It also contains racemojelly, commonly known as the cantharidin/mineral oil. Each cantharidin helps the hair and scalp to naturally reduce the moisture in the hair, which will eventually result in shininess and a healthy feeling. The cantharidin and racemojelly are both non-toxic, safe and organic, making this an excellent solution to color treated hair.

Sodium Palmate — Also known as palmitoyl polyacyladipate, it is a necessary component to make the hair cuticles and the cuticle layers to remain intact. Without this ingredient the hair will be damaged and dry.

Proper preparation of the hair lends itself to creating the most favorable environment for the growth of healthy hair. The hair must be conditioned well before the use of any chemicals, serums, dyes or other styling or permanent hair altering solutions. Once the hair is conditioned, allow it to air dry for twenty-four hours. This will remove all of theyleol and other damaging particles that can build up in the hair and scalp.

Prior to washing the hair it is important to perform a strand test to determine the required moisture level of the hair. To perform the strand test the hair should be washed with a very mild shampoo and conditioner. The hair should then be combed and brushed so that the supply of oxygen to the hair is increased. Oily hair should be washed more frequently than dry hair. This will pull the moisture out and cause the hair to become dry and brittle.

When the hair is washed and conditioned, allow it to air dry. Blow drying is an unhealthy and potentially damaging method of hair drying. When blow drying it is necessary to hold the blow dryer six inches from the hair and keep it moving in a circular pattern. Keep the dryer moving and avoid keeping it on one place for more than a few seconds at a time. If the hair is not dry, extreme heat may damage the hair.

Extreme hair styles can be washed and reshape. When this is done the hair should be dried and styled as usual. Some of the extreme styles that can be used include:

The hair can be washed and dried immediately following the final rinse.

A spray in relaxer should not be used on the hair.

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