Makeup Trends in Spring 2008 – Light, Bright, and Natural

With a new season comes new trends in fashion and that includes what we wear on our face. Spring 2008 is chalk full of bright and refreshing colors and thats true for makeup as well. Over all there is a very refreshed feeling this spring and that is exemplified but bright colors and natural hues. While you may think it’s the bronzed beauties that are taking tot he runway giving us a glimpse of warm weather fashion, the opposite it true. Women with pale yet naturally glowing skin left over from the cooler seasons were everywhere on the spring fashion shows. Get that trendy look that designers are insisting is “in” with these great tips.

Natural BestAt the mere mention of spring, women everywhere run to the tanning beds in hopes of being that perfect bronze just in time for flirty dresses and short sexy shorts of summer. Fortunately for women who take pride in their paler skin, this spring is you’re time to shine. Natural, pale skin is definitely in which means you can embrace those egg shell legs and skip the cancer causing tanning beds. Regardless of what tone your skin may be naturally, you can radiate that beauty by choosing the right shade of bronze. Natural bronze looks best on all skin types, but looks best on you if you have a medium to dark skin tone. If you’re not sure what skin type you are, or what shade of bronze to go for, start with a medium shade for your first try.

Medium Skin:Lows, Medges and Cocoa

Your best friend on the road to beauty is moisturizing cream. If you have medium skin, you’re in luck because it takes less time to achieve than more angular skin. Once you have medium skin tone, learning how to apply foundation properly is a breeze. Mix your base, moisturizer and powder together to create your perfect shade. The key is to select a shade that mirrors your skin tone so that it blends in seamlessly.

Oily Skin: calamans, apples or grapes

Your best friend in need of an improvement are lips. If you feel like your lips are always cracking and chapping, the solution may be out now. Grab that tube of lip balm that is left over from last year and try it on for size. If it feels sticky, it is an oil and needs to be re-blended. Also, know that the consistency of lip balm is down to a thin layer or you may be using the wrong shade. If your lips feel dry, grab that bottle of cream and slather it on. Patting it on may make it feel like it dries up, but it will actually take quite a while to work up a desirable level of moisture.

Wet/Cold: Dull complexion

Your complexion may be dull even if you use good quality makeup. If you are using a matte foundation, the powdery substance may accumulate on the skin around your eyes. If this happens, just remember to cover those baby blues and you’re good to go. If you have problem areas, like acne or freckles, you may want to consider putting on a concealer beforehand. Make sure it is a color that is a shade lighter than what you’re going to be wearing.

Things to Stay Away From

• Don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth.

• Don’t shave your legs.

• Don’t apply anything onto your face that you wouldn’t put in your mouth.

• Don’t drink anything for at least 8 hours before deciding to apply makeup.

• Limit the number of times you use makeup. Say with practice that sometimes you need to skip foundation and head straight to eye shadow. operator yes, you definitely want your lipstick to stay on all day.

• Prestige

There are some habits that unless you want to look dated, you’d best avoid. One of the most important ones is wearing tight fitting clothes, commonly referred to as boy short movies. No Need to wear hats or long sleeves, enter the booth wearing loose fitting clothes like sweats and sneakers and let it all hang loose. You may also want to consider fighting the dust in your face with a fresh layer of foundation. It can help with allergies and it’s more hygienic. The other tip is to make sure you dust makeup on in different directions so you don’t have it everywhere.

• Forget the lip liner.

• Don’t think the smoky eye is where you draw the line.

• Don’t think you need all those extra brushes.

• Never think you have to cake on the blush. Remember it is not permanent.

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