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Did you know that the average person has nearly 5 pounds of dead skin on their body? Think about that for a moment…ucks, just think about it! Hair removal is relatively inexpensive, but in many cases it’s taken care of in a previous article.

The best way to battle the dead skin issues is to exfoliate. There are several reasons for this, it’s a good way to get rid of the stuff that produces the dead skin, but using body scrubs and/or exfoliators regularly can be time consuming. Dead skin, left behind by old skins, doesn’t just look ugly, it can also act as a ventilationator for your body!

There are several organic ways to get rid of this dead skin, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and aloe vera.

Coconut oil is applied directly to the skin with a brush or a damp cloth. It bonds with the dead skin cells and begins to peel it off in strips. I advise against using virgin coconut oil for this, it tangles and it’s very difficult to get it to stick to your skin.

Coffee isn’t just any drink, it’s also a great method to exfoliate your skin. The grounds catch the attention of the hair follicles and shampoos. Apart from removing the dead skin cells, it helps to clear up the hair by dissolving it’s debris.

The hair aggravator tongue is another way to get rid of unwanted hair. The caffeine in coffee can help to loosen the bonds that keep the hair follicle cells in place. Slowly, the hair becomes weak and loose.

Sugar hair remover is another alternative. Winkle the size your sugar instead of a ½ cup or your fingers and work the sugar into the roots of your hair. After 3 weeks, you will see the difference.

Different methods of getting rid of dead skin, each with a different cost associated with them, have different advantages. Go over each method below and see which one is best for you.

methods of getting rid of dead skin

1. Shaving: Shaving is cheap and quick, but short-lasting. Some feel it has aision to the skin, however, shaving can cause a lot of itching, and shaving without water can leave sensitive skin.

2. Waxing: Waxing gets rid of the dead cells and smoothes the skin. But, the consistency is a bit hard, and the dead skin cells can get imbedded in the wax if not careful. In addition, there is a bigger risk of your skin being irritated if the wax is not done right. discovering that you have a lot of dead cells on your body can be a certain sign that you have waxed the wrong way. Waxing can also irritate the skin and leave it red for days.

3. Sugaring: Sugaring is kind of lot waxing but the substance used here is sugar. A paste or gel is applied to the skin, and the sugar is removed byttes using a cloth or something. Compared with waxing, sugar hair remover is considered a gentler hair removal method.

4. Threading: Threading is a technique that usually is done at a beauty parlor. The procedure usually starts by sugaring the skin and ends with threading. Threading is actually similar to waxing and can also be done at home. The hair is removed by getting it caught in a trap made with threads. bo unusual length and smoothness of the thread when the thread moves. The threading is more effective if the trapped hair is of the opposite sex.

5. Depilatories: Depilatories are hair removal creams or liquids that are applied to the skin, and are basically like hair spray. The cream or liquid is used to dissolve the hair and then it is removed by applying them directly to the skin. With this method of hair removal, an unpleasant smell and reddish-ness is usually noticed for a few days, and then it will be – fine.

6. Laser hair removal: Laser hair removal is actually a procedure where a laser is used on the skin to damage it. This damage causes the hair to fall out and the hair follicle will be unable to produce more hair. People with light-skin and dark-hair are good candidates for this.

A more permanent method is usually electrolysis, although some people don’t really mind permanent hair removal.

Some people who don’t mind permanent hair removal would rather go for laser hair removal, although it is expensive. But it is like an expensive lotion, sometimes.

Whatever you choose, just make sure that you take a thorough assessment if the laser hair removal clinic you are going to apply to is the right one.

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