Shaving Advice For Men With Beards

Shaving is often a discomforted activity most people will never get used to. However, for men, it is essential to remember that it is only healthy, shaven hair that is attractive so it is time to shave regularly.

Healthy hair is easy:

Healthy hair is shiny, and even if it stinks, you should always remember that hair is not to be worried about. It is only healthy hair that is Shiny.

Caring for your hair:

1. Towel dry hair as much as possible2. Always use brushes to brush hair to detangle3. Use a Stay-in-style conditioner as soon as you wash4. Make sure to save enough moisture on your hair for next washing5. Never style your hair when it is wet. Use a medium hold gel or hair lacquer for this.

Deciding on a style:

Styles are everything. The best time to try a new style it is when your hair is not too crazy. But if you are growing your hair, remember to not get obsessed with it. The best way to find the perfect style for you is to try it on and walk away and then you assess if it is the right look for you.

Buzz cut:

This is a style that used to be popular in the 80s but which is making a comeback. It is cut very short on the sides and back with the sides kept short. The front is cut relatively short with some going around the chin. The rest of the hair is kept long. You can get a lot of Follows around the head, especially if your hair is short.

Sedu short hairstyle:

Sedu short hairstyle is a modern one that you can mimic with ease. You can create this short hairstyle by accentuating your features with a flat iron. If you have a round face, you can style your hair to have geometric shape with the use of a flat iron. Wavy texture can also be included in the style. To style your hair, you need to blow dry your hair with a round brush and then straighten the hair with a sedu flat iron.


iments are the leftover hair after cutting, coloring, or styling. Some women use hair powder to set their hair.


You can use henna (smoke gray) or any other coloring lotion to color your hair. You may use a permanent hair color or even a demi permanent hair color to save money. To choose the right shade of Henna, you must know the proper Henna colour chart.

Your hair must be clean before applying demi permanent hair color. You can then apply the colour for single color or highlights.


You need to retouch your hair once in a while. Apply highlight, low light and wash base colour for single hair colour. Apply colour for multi-toned hair. multi-tone base: a highlights with low light and a low light with high light. Different toners: a root touch-up, color wash base or highlighted with low light or highlights with high light.

Skin Care:

Daily cleansing and moisturizing is essential for maintaining healthy skin.


Homemade masks are great ways to add more moisture to your hair and skin. There are different types of masks. belong to the acid-balanced type that help to remove dirt and grime from deep within the pores. Revitalizing pack: apply egg white egg mask on the face and leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with water. Cucumber and papaya fruit pack: mash cucumber and crush papaya fruit and mix the juices with egg white and mayonnaise. Leave the pack for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Spa treatment:

Spa is not just for getting away from life but it is great stress reliever as well. You can get various types of spas such as, hair spa, men spa, stress spa etc. They have their own ingredients such as herbs, animals, plants, sand, and flowers. But the main thing is to relax and enjoy your time.

iour hydrating treatments:

iour hydrating treatments consist of heated oils applied deep into the skin. It can work well in improving the quality of skin and it also works great as a great anti-free radical.

Collagen conditioning treatments:

Collagen conditioning treatments are best treatments to improve the appearance of skin and it helps to prevent the loss of collagen and elastin.

stimulates collagen production:

Collagen makes your skin firm, tone, and healthy. However, as you age, the collagen starts to break down. With age, your skin starts to develop wrinkles which can be further aggravated by the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

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