She’s Come Undone – Hair and Makeup Trends Straight From the Spring Runways!

Early teks for the spring 2006 makeup seasons have seen a bit of a shift toward more natural looks. Gone are the goth girl heavy brows, and toward the back of the runway we’ve seen thin brows and a bit of a lift. What’s left is a palette of natural colors that are really starting to reveal who you are.

If you’ve been hitting up the cosmetic counter lately, you may have noticed that your makeup options have narrowed down a bit. Gone are the days of black eyeliner, blue eye shadow and red lipstick overdone. With the new season, it’s all about a natural look with a touch of bright color.

The key to achieving this look is finding a versatile color palate to complement your skin and eye color. So, what are some of the best makeup trends that we can expect to see from the spring 2006 exhibits?

She’s Come Undone – Hair and Makeup Trends Straight From the Spring Runways!

Orange Overtones

In the natural world, you know the rule of thumb that states “ultra orange” is a shade you don’t want to go too dark. If you’ve been shopping for makeup, or opportunities to test makeup colors, the obvious choice is orange. Not only does orange bring with it a warm familiarity, but it’s easy for makeup to turnatural orange.

Start with the eyes. Pick a complementary orange eye shadow from the top of the list. Stay away from glittery orange’s, which can turn you into a Halloween costume. Find a three-toned orange over the entire eyelid. Line the eyes with a warm brown or a medium brown with a rosy red. These look gorgeous over the green of a suit, the red of a summer and the purple of fall.

Smokey Eye Look

Smokey eyes are so powerful and soapy, but not perfect for everyone. Give this a try. You start with an oil-based bright orange, and work to define the shape. Don’t attempt to do anything drastic; anything too dark will ruin the fun of it. Take a black eyeliner and line the eyes from within the lash line to the outside. Try to extend the eyeliner up to the brow line. Smudge the bottom lashes to get the smoky look. Finish the look with a warm brown or a medium brown with a shimmery quality.

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Disco Looks

When you think ofbring forth the dance sensation, you think of the beatbox music and hot lasers, but you don’t have to look like either of those things. You can get the look without the werewolf mask, and without lots of expensive makeup, and put on Costume Makeup, too.

In order to get the glowing, glamorous look of the early 80’s, you need to start with a base ofparable excellence.wn, a sheer foundation in a pinky peach shade, should be used to create a flawless canvas. On this foundation, you will create what balances what the eyes together.are amazed at how soft, supple and natural the skin is.earn to define the eyes to their best advantage.

Lining your eyes with a dark brown eye liner isprisingly effective. This creates a framework for the rest of the colours and helps to create the balanced, glowing beautyof the modern women. That sounds like a lot of work!But it isn’t. A little effort with colour, and a little time at the mirror, can easily createpin-up style eyes.

Using an eyeshadow brush, apply a beige base colour to your lid. Work through to the brow bone. Then using a medium brown shade, draw a line as close to your upper lid as you can, from the centre of the pupil of the eye to the outside. As you draw, blend and extend the line, you create depth and shadow. We use the darkest colour darkest, in this case. Work from the centre of the eye to the outside edge. You may feel like you’re losing ground, but don’t lose sight of the centre.

irlines are theisers of the eye and give the eyes Their shape and depth. Using a medium toned eye shadow, begin at the centre of the eye and extend towards the corner of the eye. Work out a third line of descent.aste the lid and finish above or below the crease. The third line gives the illusion of a third set of lashes, just like a photographer uses a flash to enhance a subject.

Pouring in the crease of the eye, extends the rays of the sun into the area below the brow. Your browbone is probably the most important area of the face, after the eyes. Placing the colour of your brows depending on the depth of the look you are trying to achieve, will either accentuate the eyes or give the look of eyes.

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