Unwanted Hair Removal – A Call to Arms For Those Who Want to Eliminate Unwanted Hair

Being well hairy is not an advantage for some men and women, no matter how much they want to be free of it. These are the people who are only left with grains of hair above their arms and upper lip, legs, chest and back. Getting rid of it is not impossible, but options are hard to follow because so much depends on the time you have, effort and money you are willing to invest to get rid of it for good.

It is not so long ago that the only options for getting rid of unwanted hair included, shaving, using sharp blades or even dead hairs that you jaw would eat. These days, things have changed dramatically. The quicker it does take to get rid of hair is by waxing. Yes, not only can a bikiniiful be done, but do you hear that a Brazilian wax may also be in the offing.

Maybe you are wondering, why do women and men get waxed? There are several reasons. Waxing removes hair from the root and hence the regrowth of hair is slower. It is less painful than shaving. There is no unsightly stubble and you can be back to your work within minutes. There is a definite advantage, but then again there is a disadvantage. You will need to repeat it every two to ten weeks and there are many times when you will not even remember that you have it done.

Another disadvantage is the mere pain you will feel when you go for a waxing treatment. It is not pleasant, but then again, neither is it practical. With laser hair removal it will cause some discomfort, but it is almost painless. However, it is quite costly. You need to have yourself waxed at least once a month for that automatic annual growth reduction.

Hair gets thicker daily. If you are going to wax it, there is a disadvantage, the pain can be too great. However, after spending enough time and money on getting rid of it, you can relax and enjoy the effects of smooth, hairless, back, and bikini areas.

It is best to get it done from professionals. There are a lot of parlors, estheticians, and day spas that offer these services. It is best to go to someone who knows the art and there are training courses for estheticians so you can understand what they are doing.

It will be an hour or two before the waxing session. First the esthesthat the area to be waxed is cleaned. Then hot wax is applied in small areas. You can hear a small popping sound. This means that the wax has hardened enough. The esthestill ready and waiting for waxing.

Waxing issafer than shavingand can even be less painful than bikini waxing. However, the pain experienced from waxing is not anywhere near as bad as the pain you will feel from shave waxing.

As most estheticians know, waxing is done either hot or cold. If the hair is to be waxed it is placed in hot water. The wax is then allowed to cool slightly and then removed from the wax pot.

There are different types of wax. It is usually a combination of paraffin wax, melted paraffin and/or wax honey. But which type is better is a matter of opinion. Some feel that melted paraffin wax is better than the wax honey, but others feel that paraffin wax is better. It is thought that melted paraffin provides a better moisturizing without the heavy smell of paraffin.

Whatever the type of wax you use it is applied to the skin with a wooden stick. Then a cloth or strip is placed on the wax and then rolled off the skin, not behind it. The reason for this is the increased risk of skin irritation caused by the hot wax when it is removed. Although the hot wax may be removed quickly withcloths or strips it is still possible to leave small marks on the skin. This is especially true for the first time we have waxed our pubic areas.

We have already discussed ways to prevent body marks from happening with pubic hair removal. Another way to prevent this happensthat has nothing to do with pubic hair removal is to take a shower or a bath before we have our waxing done. This will remove the personal care products that we use all day long.

Smelling well after waxing is a must, but before we apply our waxing strips, be sure and take a good warm bath or shower. This will remove all the waxes and other scents from our skin. Finally, if you are having several waxing treatments please try and keep your hair covered at all times. Various infections, allergies and Rouge can attack the waxed skin and cause infections and irritation.

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