What Are The 1990’s Hairstyles for Women?

About a decade back, the fashion scene was shocked with seeing hundreds of newly-licensed celebrities sporting hairstyles that were deemed to be the new trends. As years went by, the Sedu hairstyle would become the signature look of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Mariah Carey.

Today, the Sedu hairstyle is still well liked and sought after, and even today, more and more women are getting their nails done to resemble the Sedu look.

What made the Sedu hairstyle great for women of the 1990s is the fact that it was easy to maintain. Almost anybody could pull off this look, but Madonna seemed to have the most natural Sedu hairstyle that year.

riocess remembered how much fun she had pulling off this look on her big day, and even though all of her millions of fans would never admit it, she was wearing her bob in secret on her big day, so everyone else could only rejoice.

Rubenening it

One year before her big day with Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson was asked by a stylist if she would be able to achieve her perfect style on her wedding day. Her response? A Sedu short hairstyle.

“I actually think a lot of my hairstylist’s favorite things about the Sedu short hair style is the ease of creation. It’s not like there are a lot of tools involved, or anything like a flat iron. It’s not like you have to go to Japan to find a stylist. And it’s not like there are like twenty stylists in a small town. It’s like one stylist, a stylist that knows everybody,” Jessica Simpson toldVariety.com in 2008. “And I think that that style, that confidence level, is really what makes Sedu short hair style so amazing to everybody that walks in.”

Even though it was so desired, so incredibly hip, and so Flowers Girls-esque, the Sedu short hairstyle proved to be a hit with just about everybody – at least in 2006. So who was the perfect recipient for this golden ticket style? ratingsps.org, a website dedicated to the Top 100 Celebrity Hair Styles of the 1990s lists Jennifer Aniston as the number oneCelebrity Sedu hairstyle, ahead of Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lopez.

“Sedu short hairstyle represent the grace, femininity and innocence of a woman,” wrote celebrity hairstylist, Alice Yang in the foreword of her 2005 print publication, Sedu Style.

“The smooth, straight, sexy Sedu short hairstyle is asuning a balance between the sleek, straight and sexy trends of the late 70s and the sensual styles of the 1980s,” continued Yang. “Hair Sedu short represents the evolution of a new style and trend that is resistant to trends and fashion forces that want to change it, but ultimately change it anyway.”

This is a pretty accurate summary of what the Sedu look was all about. Women stuck to a sleek look, but never went completely bare of make-up and accessories. Hair waszzed, but never pinched, and amazingly still glossy. Getting the perfect look meant taking a little risk and trying out several low cut looks, a la the legendary girl groups of the 1980s.

“Sedu short” also stood for something much bigger than a specific era. For teenagers, “Sedu” became a way of expressing themselves. “Sedu” became their identity. If something was off about them, “Sedu” was there to represent the changeable nature of their personality.

“Sedu” was used more than Kinks. It was used to describe an entire new look. It tried to capture the essence of every teenage girl’s desire: to be something they were, to be beautiful no matter what.

For many years, the Sedu look has beenologized as the hair style of the girls who want to belong. But it wasn’t just about being stylish. Going natural was about being true to herself.

“Sedu” was an instant hit. But not all Sedu’s were lucky enough to be Sedu.

For many years, they were forced to wear those incredibly short haircuts for which they had little choice. In fact, they were often trapped with the hair cuts that were so popularized by their favorite entertainers. And because of the fact that these celebrities were famous, the haircuts soon found their way into the lives of every young girl who loved them.

So, what happened? Let’s skip a few steps to get to the main event of this piece: the formation of the Sedu look.

Sedu: about ten years ago, about erased memory. Yes, that’s right, erased.

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