What Are We Telling Young Women?

I was working on a TV show the other day….got there at 7am, dragged myself to the chair, suffered through some half hour of screams and cursing as I went through the pain, pain and absolutely horrible sight that is waxing, and then to your amazement, made my very best efforts to get through the experience, and was pouring sweat and pain into my eyes as I turned it over to clean up the mess! Nobody could believe what had happened.

Waxing for me has always been a nightmare. The pain is endless, the memories are fresh and horrible and holding it all is almost unbearable. I know this is common with a lot of hair removal methods, but somehow I never quite believed me. Particularly as the very idea of pulling the hair out of your body seemed preposterous to me.

Finally, I did get to throw away the razor…for now.

Over the years I have developed a system that has served me well in dealing with these situations. I call it “brushing it backwards.” Really, it’s that simple. I just brush it backwards from active growth, in the sense that I pull the hairs in the direction they are growing, and then I let it sit and grow back for a couple days and start over.

The truth is, I have never had problems with successful eyebrow waxing. I dealing with the actual hair, not the hair follicle. And I believe that any good quality eyebrow wax will prove it.

Let me tell you my system. I have been using it for years and I continue to use it because it is the only way I know how to effectively eliminate eyebrow hair. If you would like to see it working, visit my web site. Just search for “an eyebrow wax review”…you’ll see what I mean.

The biggest problem I ever experienced with eyebrow waxing was actually a little dilemma of pain. It actually hurt more than the hair itself. Yikes! I have a very high pain threshold and my toes hurt from wearing shoes…not exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. Also, I just can’t stand the pain of it. Which is why I was tempted to just go to the Piperrant stage and skip out on it.

Instead I sat and thought things through. I realized that there were some things I wasn’t Knowing. There were things I was neglecting. Or not picking up on.

As it turns out, most hair removal methods are not permanent. You can have hair back in a few days, a few weeks, or even a few months. It all depends on the individual. Some people seem to have an inherent resolve to hair forever. Really, it’s your body and your choices.

As for my method, it’s pretty simple. Just pay attention to the various bodily changes that occur as your hair grows. Over time, the hair feels thicker as it grows back. It’s kind of like when you paint a beautiful sunset and look at the years that have past since the sun was up. Your goals should be to have fun with it, and learn from it.

Older hair looks beautiful and wiser after many years. The first goal should be to celebrate the wisdom that has accumulated over time. Then you can worry about the hair that is coming. When you paint the masterpiece, you need to leave some room for creativity and the expression of the face. If the canvas is underoversized, it will be disheartening to start painting.

Instead ofumpingle in the wake of success, embrace the change. You are embarking on a journey that will make you feel wise and nostalgic. Remember the first rule of thumb.Make it beautiful.

If you don’t like the color choice or the style, then feel free to alter it.

The result of your decisions today will dictate your next steps in life. They will influence where you want to go and what you value in your life. Are you going to walk away from this industry and say, “I’m done”? Or are you going to emerge as the legendary fashion designer,ucker who done it all. Your choices define your future.

And even if you don’t like the color or style,you will be happy you made the decision.When you make your next move in life, you will walk away as a new person. This is not the ending, but the beginning of a new stage of life.

You are walking away from the stressful situations in your life and looking forward to the exciting situations you will be living. There is a fulfillment that comes with success and you need to enjoy it and pursue it.

Make the next move in your life and get ready for the next adventure.

destiny is waiting for you. It will be fun, sexy, and delicious. Don’t look back.

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