What Is Eye Makeup 101?

There are different eye makeup techniques that are used when applying eye makeup. When I was younger, I had no idea about how to apply eye makeup or where to apply it, etc. Here are some great quick tips. Once you have applied your eye makeup and it is looking good, apply a little more eye makeup to your eyes then go back and blend it to make it look even.

The first thing to apply would be the eye shadow. Move from the inside of your eye to the outside. Don’t apply it right away, move it in small circular motions for best results. The next thing to apply would be the eyeliner. The eyeliner not only adds color to the eyes, but it also has the ability to line the inside of the lids completely giving you a cat eye effect. For a more daytime effect apply it in the lower lash line; for a more night time effect apply it in the upper lash line.

Liquid Eyeliner would be the best choice for most women because it easily goes on and blends in with any other liquid makeup out there. That is not the only choice, other liquid eyeliners that have been recommended include:

Pencil eyeliner – I think that the biggest downside to using a pencil eyeliner is that they can be absorbent and make large eyes look even bigger. Another thing that I have found is that they seem to often smudge. If you are looking for a longer term solution, I would recommend that you go with a powder eyeliner.

Cake eyeliner – This is an amazing product that is used by all the super models! It is a liquid liner that is moldable so you can apply it with a brush and it instantly becomes a star. You can apply it everywhere including in the lower lashes! One word of caution, if you are using a non-cream eyeliner I would recommend that you go with a brush because cream eyeliners tend to be thick and hard to blend.

Powder Eyeliner – The newest option on the market is a powder eyeliner. Really it is the easiest to blend and to achieve a dramatic cat eye look. It has become very popular recently and is available at most stores. Really, it is up to you what type you want to use. My personal preference is a double act as I am a great practitioner of both liquid and powder makeup and so I prefer to use both together.

When performing your eye makeup you want to keep in mind that your eyelashes play a major roll in your makeup. If you want to make your eyelashes look as natural as possible then you will not achieve your desired look if you do not include them in your makeup. Your eyelashes will be more difficult to blend and create a cat eye effect if you do not use your eyelashes. Your eyelashes will also be more difficult to extend and pull back off of your eye if you do not use a base for them. A base is a great way to create the illusion of eyelash extensions.

How to achieve a perfect cat eye

The secret to achieving a perfect cat eye is to perfect the blending technique. Many people will use an eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner, usually to the perfect line. But, if more is needed for coverage reasons then it should be applied wet. So, one should make sure to use a base for their eye shadow. After they have applied their eye shadow, they should use an eyelash comb to make sure that the eyelashes are blended correctly. If they are not then they may have to deal with the hassle of having an uneven patchy application. Now, if they are using powder eyeshadow, then they should make sure to get excess powder off of their eyelids and into their correct makeup space before they apply their foundation. Follow along the rest of the application process as well. Often, if there are eyeshadows that are darker or brighter than the foundation they are using, they should use the brighter shade. The effect will be the same if they use a darker or lighter shade. Finish off the entire process by having them brush their entire face with a large, soft brush to take all that excess off and start the process of blending all the colors.

Caring for Your Cat Eye

There are many different care products that can be used to keep this popular eyeliner look alive. When they are in the market for an eyelash product, they should pay attention to the potential damage that using a certain product might cause.

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