What To Do With Ingrown Hair?

There’s nothing more irritating than ingrown hair, especially if it’s in your sensitive or intimate body part. It can be itchy, sore and awkward in all the wrong places. Nothing’s worse than feeling that itch at a dinner party, while the guest of honor is speaking and looking straight at you when you want nothing more than to be in peace and quiet.

The solutions to ingrown hair problem lies on various methods from easy treatments and professional service to simple, no-fuss prevention.

The Right Shave

For most people, ingrown hair stems from improper or incorrect shaving technique. Now, if you run the razor near the hair it’ll shave some off and it’s very hard to get that part wrong, but there is a way to minimize the damage it can cause. Aiming for a close and ultra-clean shave might actually cause the problem. Instead, shave along the hair, not against and most definitely, not across. Doing this is almost as bad as shaving the same spot repeatedly.

Throw Away The Tighties

For something to work best, tighties (also known as elastics orings) are not allowed inside the shaving area. This includes all elasticity and hair that might feel itchy when the skin is shaven. So throw those in the trash, now that you’re done.

A New Hepworth

Hephreslosol is a big old enemy of the skin, but when used in soap and cosmetics it absorbs quickly and does precious nothing to the skin except making it smell nicer. So why would you ever want to use it inside your shaving area? Well, apart from fighting bacteria and making you smell nice, it also kills the hair follicle itself, bringing forth a fresh new hair. This is undoubtedly a cheap way to soften the hair you just shaved and it may be a bit fast but it’s cheap and it leaves your skin feeling nice and soft.

A Deodorant From hepatitis

Yes, that’s right. Depilatories – also known as antiperspirants – can cause headaches or can make the problem worse. But sometimes they just can’t help you and you are stuck with a burning, itchy scalp. Best solution: change to a deodorant from your local drug store and see how you feel.

A Cheap Botox

What does it matter if you are taking Botox or another injectable, how much does it matter that you are injecting into your forehead? Botox can cause swelling and bruising of the injected area, it is simply not a long-term answer for the problem. If you are taking more than the recommended dosage, doctors have told you to call them and get more help as soon as possible.

A Cheap Wax

Unless you want to wear a wooly eyebrow or a very bushy bikini line, a wax is a great way to exfoliate your skin and cut down on the amount of styling products you will need to keep your bikini line hair-free. Find a great waxer in your area and get a Brazilian wax for bikini line hair – no matter if you need it or not!

A Smoking alterative

No, not one of those “never smoke” gifts you never receive from a friend or loved one. While it may help you avoid a third degree burn you can end up with a mouthful of tissue, that is not the best way to go. And the most painful sting of all. Unless you want to experience second and third degree burns while you are trying to avoid a sunburn, there is no reason for you to smoke.

Just as Great Way to Get Rid of a Black Eye

There are plenty of ways to avoid and repair a black eye. If you avoid those eye infections, you may be able to avoid the need for wearing dark sunglasses.

Just because you avoided using your sunglasses in the first place doesn’t mean you have to suffer any inconveniences. Instead, you can look like a rock star for the night you try out those weird sunglasses.

A great way to get rid of a black eye is to apply an ice cube to the eye. Who has never thought of that before? And for only a few seconds, you will look like a raccoon from the corner.

Not only will this get rid of that blood that just runs down your cheeks, it will also get rid of the look of a bruise. Just apply it like you would a bruise cream and see the difference.

A trick to make eye shadow stay on longer is to apply it all over your eye lids before applying the shadow. The reason for this is that the eye shadow will adhere to the creases of your eyelids, not the layers of your lashes.

What to do if you have to wear contacts?

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter how blind you are if you wear contacts.

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