4 Skin Benefits of Using a Moroccan Argan Oil Product

The world is slowly undergoing a magical transformation where individuals are paying more attention to “natural” things. From foods to the medications and cosmetic products, the world population is steadily showing more preference for natural products. The cosmetic industry is particularly revealing a trend where consumers have more confidence on natural oils, lotions and creams and so on. Among the most popular and trusted oils as far as skin care is concerned is the Moroccan Argan oil.

It is more appealing to consumers who are struggling with premature aging- a common occurrence in recent years. Today, more than ever, people want to reverse the undesirable signs of aging. To achieve more youthful skin, many are willing to spend quite a sum of money on products, procedures and therapies that cost them a fortune. But convenient as it may be to employ other people in this manner, it can be a very damaging experience especially when the products are of low quality. The primary benefit of investing in a high quality product is to avoid health problems such as cancer, allergies, and skin disorders. In view of this, the Argan oil has quite a bit of good press as a multi-purpose product in the cosmetics industry.

It is the oil of the Argan tree grown in the southwest of Morocco. Just like the other natural resources of the country, the oil of Morocco is also highly valued because of its taste and high quality. The oil is derived from the crushed fruit kernel of the Argan tree. The kernel is transformed into oil which can be used directly on the skin or added to other products.

From its physical/chemical properties, the oil of Morocco is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins. It contains: potassium, sodium, iron, phosphorus, carotene, zinc, copper, acids, fiber, selenium and chromium. The benefits of the Argan oil can be best understood by reference to its composition. For example, in the concentrated form, it provides the highest amount of phenolic compounds known in medicine. It also contains a respectable amounts of methyl, ethyl, butyl, andpropylene acids and essential fatty acids.

The phenolic categories of the oil can be broken down into: phyto- and petro-, myro- and stearic acid, and oleic acid. The addition of melanin to the oil increases its cosmetic importance. The oil is said to have a new “medicinal” property due to its powerful ability to heal muscle problems and skin conditions. Chemical peels containing Argan oil as an active ingredient show positive results by reducing the appearance of scars, wrinkles, lines, bitten nails and skin blemishes.

When buying finished products that include Argan oil as an active ingredient, there is a recommended retail Average Maintenance Level (MGL) of 15 to 20%. The higher the maintenance level, the more expensive the product. Products that contain Argan oil are reported to last longer.

conscious of the possible side-effects associated with the use of medical grade Argan oil? Before choosing a product, ensure you consult the appropriate authorities in order to avoid any complications or side-effects.

Synthetic sources of Argan oil are being diversified in order to bolster supplies. Recent positive findings associated with using Argan oil involve anti-aging, pain relief, itching and acne. additional but, more recent positive findings have seen topire to use of Argan oil for joint pain, tension aches, burns and Soft skin. A few attest to the healing power of the oil found in Argan oil capsules; these testimonials include ease of shoulder movement, relief from fibromyalgia, knee and back pain, widely considered effective for blood pressure, arthritis, bursitis,pectoral injury and sick leave, among others.

The glowing complexion of your skin or a miraculous glow in your body is no longer impossible, affordable or rare. You no longer need to be envied by your peers; you can be certain that you are one of a small number of fortunate few who possess a natural Argan oil supplement. Confidently, now your friends will be complimenting you on your smooth, tan and glowing complexion!

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