5 Hair Loss Treatments That Really Works

I’m going to keep this list updated with the best products that work for both men and women as well as hair loss sufferers.

When you suffer from hair loss it can really be frustrating, but just try to persevere it for one year and you will notice that you have to:

1.Stop using hair loss products that containacedrug-how amazing is that?

2.Suffer from lack of sleep or excessive tiredness. I find that it is the lack of sleep that is causing the hair loss.

3.Not eat any iron rich vegetables like leafy greens. If you are not a vegan though I really recommend you eat all of these foods anyway.

4.Do the following hair nourishing foods:

5.Soak in aBeneficial Hair Treatment

This is not really a hair treatment but it is for your hair’s health so leave it in for at least five minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly.

A hair nourishing treatment is much better than using commercial shampoos and conditioners.

6.Naturalara is a powerful hair growth treatment that increases circulation to the hair follicles. It is an all natural product that rejuvenates your hair, makes it shiny and healthy and makes it grow faster.

7.Use pure coconut oil for a coconut hair massage. Warm oil is always better than the cold kind. It always helps to increase hair growth.

8.Wash your hair with coconut milk. Milk’s natural fat and proteins can improve hair growth and make them shinier.

9.Use eggs to nourish your hair as they have the right amount of protein for hair growth. You can also use honey and castor oil.

10.Use a onion to nourish your hair. The natural juice of an onion can be used as remedy for hair loss.

To get hair growth you need to eat foods that are rich in quality protein, Vitamin A and D. These are found in most red, yellow and orange vegetables.

Alternatively you can use a good quality multivitamin.

11.Drink a lot of water! It is increasingly being recommended that you drink at least eight liters of water a day to keep your hair and skin healthy.

12.Skin shine is a great way to get the look you want. You can get this by using some shimmer eye shadow or by using a silicone shine product.

13.Use a paddle brush to clean your hair. It gets rid of any dirt and oil brought on by hair styling products and dirt and pollution on the environment.

14.Apply olive oil to your scalp. This will make your hair shiny and it will also improve the quality of your hair.

15. Sweep your hair using a natural bristle brush. If you wish to get relaxed and jet black, use curly sections to start with.

16.Do the bobby pins thing. You know the group of things that all started the whole hair do and have made it possible for all the little bobby pins to pop out and of course you can do it all at home. Pick a style you want to wear next and work through the steps there. Then you are ready to go.

17.When your hair is tidy, go ahead and spray some shine on it. Then you are ready for the final stage. Very carefully, tongs! Use the tongs, slowly un ride the rollers in the back. You should see the roots all layed side by side. Keep unrolling the rollers.

18. Ask someone to give you hand weights to lift up the roots.

19. Leave the rollers in for at least 3 hours.

20.wash your hair

21. towel dry your hair

22. make a lash comb

23. gelatinize the tips

24. use a strong hold hair spray

* pause for a breath

25. comb through your hair

26. separate the lengths

27. learn 2 ponytails

28. all together wash your hair

29. comb again

30. separate the lengths

31. learn 2 ponytails

32. make a base

33. place the lengths on each other

34. place the lengths on each other

35. place the lengths on each other

36. place the lengths on each other

If you want to learn how to put on a fast casual look, try putting your hair in a bun for a classy look. Learn how to put on a sexy look for the office with these quick tricks You’ll look great in just minutes.

If you have more time the next morning, make this a four part treatment. Get these hairstyle tips next time.

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