5 Safe Suntanning Tips – Tan Without Burning

Summer is approaching, this is that moment when you plan to wear a warm hat and head down to the beach for the annual tan. Upon your return, you are anxious to get a tan in order to show off your fabulous figure.

It’s easy to get a tan without having to be out in the sun. Now, all you need is a good sunless tanning lotion.

There are actually a lot of sunless tanning products available on the market today. You can select from lotions, foams and gel sprays. It’s easy to apply them just like a regular lotion. And, they also all leave your skin, feeling smooth and silky.

Follow these steps to get a beautiful, safe and golden tan:

Step One: Choose a Good Sunless Tanning Lotion

There are really only two types of sunless tanning lotions. The first is a gel spray, and the other is a lotion. Gels are a little easier to apply. However, gels may leave you with a more even tan and less streaks.

When you first put on a gel you may experience a sensation of pinching. It’s natural. But, that sensation can be reduced with careful application. Use a Q-tip to lightly apply the gel on your legs and hit the areas that are hard. When you apply the tanning lotion you should start getting it even. You shouldn’t have to scrub for a tan.

Step Two: Apply a Sunless Tanning Lotion

The rest of your body is the next to go. Get a good bottle of sunless tanning lotion and get some machines. Hold the bottle six inches from your face and keep it moving the entire time. Try to cover up the areas that don’t need the sunless tanner. Because, you don’t want to have to smell like a hippiepack.

Step Three: Take a Big Boy Brush and Buff It

After you’ve applied the sunless tanner in the morning and all of the lotion in your body, take a big brush and buff it onto your skin. Don’t use a foam brush or you’ll get paint. As the brush vibrates, rub it on everywhere where you applied the lotion. Make sure to get on your elbows, your knees, and everywhere else where you don’t really need sunless tanner.

Step Four: Check It Afterperedience

There will be some tanning creams that you didn’t use and will turn orange. If that happens, just wipe them off and re-apply.

Sunless tanning will leave you with a great looking, golden tan. As the years pass, you can enjoy darker and darker tans.

The only downside to sunless tanning is that it’s not a fast way to get a tan. Although it will take a few hours before you start to see results, you’ll be happy with the slow but certain tanning process.


Sunless tanning is almost certain to be safer than sun tanning. Although, it’s a weekend or a day off from work, being safe shouldn’t be an issue. The time you save from not using the sun, you’ll be able to enjoy the relaxation of going to a tanning salon and easing feet through the sand or laying by the pool.

This is the UV tanner alternative to sitting by the beach or by the pool, trying to soak up the rays and end up with a nice bronze tan. Sun tanning is a known fact to many people, but it’s a predominantly female pastime. A few years ago, however, it was seen as a teenage status, much like nose piercings or eyebrow tattoos. Today, thanks to several marketed products and a growingiety of tanning bed sessions, sun tanning is socially accepted.

As a result, there are clinics offering safe tanning services. Make sure you investigate your salon thoroughly. The Better Business Bureau is a great resource. Remember, just because a salon is upscale doesn’t mean they are safe. The agents in charge of checking credentials are licensed and certified to perform the services. Always ask to see their license and certification.

There are some higher schools and colleges that specialize in tanning and offer training for those interested in a career in the sunless tanning industry. Collagen replacement therapy, and skin revitalization therapy are offered in some salons. Check into these programs to see if you fit in.

From custom airbrush tanning to spray tanning booths andoline oil stimulation, there are a number of options for getting a sunless tan. Most salons offer the option of using their sunless tanning services to get a golden, natural looking tan.

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