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Andis’s first hair clipper, a favorite in its time and known as a quality product today, was originally known for its smaller, faster model that delivered a higher performance than other clippers available at the time. Today, Andis is still a company that prides itself on quality products and is well known among hair professionals worldwide.

Andis Co. is successful today and uses the same fundamentals and foundation as its prior generations. The brand is customer oriented and strives to make the best possible products for their customers.

Andis offers many products including professional-use, consumer-use, animal care, and hotel grooming tools.

For professional use, Andis offers hair clippers, hair trimmers, hair brushes, and hair combs. Hair clippers and trimmers can be used commercially or non-commercially, and are available in different models for different types of hair. For example, Andis has 5 different hair clipper models that have different types of blade designs, sizes, and performance.

For consumer use, Andis offers clippers and trimmers for personal use. These are available at low to medium prices and are easy to use. Trimmers can be used to shape, shave, and trim small areas of the body such as the legs, chest, and bikini area.

For animal care, Andis offers clippers and trimmers for horses and dogs.These are also available in professional and consumer sizes and are used for trimming, shaping, and shaving. Animals can become dehydrated and chapped due to spraying without water and Andis’s wet to dry clippers will easily treat this problem.

For the hotel industry, Andis provides hair clippers and trimmers for hotel guests to use during their stay. The properties now offer durable construction and sturdiness.

It is so powerful and reliable that Andis can offer these tools to anyone who desires to own and use professional hair clippers and trimmers.

If you are looking to purchase Andis hair clippers or trimmers, there are many different styles and models available. Below you can find a variety of types that are available:

Classicundy stainless steel hair clippercan be used on dry or wet hair. It features a convenient, soft grip handle for comfort and control, and it is available in various lengths. The stainless steel blades are specially constructed for safety and convenience and will always shave even the most uneven surfaces.

Babyliss hair clipper adjustable with vibration technology is Babyliss’s newest model. Using a twisting motion and heat, the Babyliss Adjustable Trimmer can be adjusted to every angle, contour, and length of the hair. This trimmer has an adjustable finger ring which is decorated with ablemished crosshair comb.

Collins Type 4 titanium ionic hair clipperbest fits the needs of those clients who require versatility and quality. It has a wider, 10-foot cord to facilitate proper operation and is lightweight. The Babyliss is comparatively more expensive than the Collins, but it has a comfortable grip handle and adjustable comb so it is more hand friendly.

These items are commonly available at various online retailers and can be ordered shipped directly to any location.

Remember, there’s no substitute for quality real hair clippers used specifically for hair removal. Make sure you have purchased a model that is easy to operate and where you can easily keep it charged.

Last but not least…

Overall, clippers are the best way to get started with hair removal. As a rule of thumb, your should always, wherever possible, always appear to have a spare pair or two in your kit. This is for a quick “dress rehearsal” to ensure you are ready for whatever comes your way. Remember, practice makes perfect – this is also true for removing hair.

I’ve had many first time clippers Users, not only with no hair regrowth, but with amazing results; looking great, and feeling confident. If you haven’t tried it yet, shame on you, but give it some try – the odds are good that you will love it!

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