Are Curling Irons Better Than Straighteners?

It is not only better than straightening, but also much safer. The chances of your hair damaging the structure of your hair are drastically reduced making this an extremely safe hair style. There are a wide variety of curling tools available today, but which are the best?

Different technologies used in theovativehair tools Explore further the differences between the ceramic and tourmaline layers of these heating plates.

The first difference is in the ceramic layers. Ceramic has an insert layer that can be seen but not seen. This ceramic layer fits closely next to the hair cuticle, thus sealing and protecting the hair shaft. Tourmaline has a very smooth and rounded surface that allows for a smoother surface and an individual’s cuticle to be flat, thus sealing the shaft.

What is best for you depends on your hair type. If you have thin, fine hair, then you want to use an iron that has a small iron tip. You want to use an iron that is best for making thistles straight. For normal hair, you want to eat an iron that has straightening plates that are ceramic.

In addition to all of these differences, different irons have different heat settings. The best thing for you to do is to experiment with different brands and see which works best. Best results are achieved with an iron that has the following:



Iron with Tourmaline

The heating time for each iron is also very important. You want to pick an iron that will get to a temperature that is within the plates when you begin to use it. If the iron is at the ideal temperature, it will take a little bit of practice to use it. You should also experiment with the heat settings. Again, a lightly used iron will get very dry hair. A way to reduce the amount of time you need to use the iron is to start it a little bit hotter than you think you need. This will allow you to obtain a little bit more heat and improve your results.

If you use ceramic irons, you will be able to achieve that salon quality hair you’re looking for. Time and money well spent because you will not need to visit the salon for maintenance like shampooing, brushing, and blow drying on a regular basis. Remember the iron damages hair. If you use an iron more than necessary, you will end up with fried and split hair.

Time spent maintaining this one of a kind piece of hair equipment is priceless. After all, you wouldn’t want to damage your investment by neglecting it. Begin by cleaning and storing it every 48 hours. This is also the recommended length of time to leave the iron in an iron terminal. This will eliminate the risk of damaging the iron because carelessly turning it on.

Application Process

You have to prepare your hair by following these steps in order to achieve the best results.

1. Wash your hair thoroughly before starting the straightening process.2. Clip the base of the hair into a manageable portion of it.3. Slowly un-tangle the hair.4. You will want to use a comb to work out any knots.5. Be sure that the hair is flat.6. divide the hair into sections to make it easier to work with.7. place the iron at the base of the hair.8. pre-heat the iron to the desired temperature.9. Work the iron from the root to the tip.10. let it cool enough to touch before removing the iron from the hair.

Using a hair iron is not a difficult job. When done properly it is an instrument that can reshapes the hair and can give texture to a dull head of hair. Irons are a wonderful tool for getting a quick result in a one time process. However it is vital to remember that when using tongs and hair irons, there is a danger of damaging the hair.

If you use a straightening iron every day, it is essential to vacuum it afterwards in order to avoid the hair from drying out. Also make sure that it has a moisture guard to keep the hair from drying out after straightening. The heat from the iron damages the hair when used too close to the scalp. To avoid this, let the concentration of the heat be what you are used to.

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