Are You Wrinkle Free?

As a person gets old, nearly everyone go through this problem, wrinkles. Yes!! As to how wrinkles come out for each one of us, and how obviously they become, depends on heredity and on the natural aging process wherein our skin losses its flexibility, become thinner and more prone to sags. But it’s just too normal.

When a person is young, he or she does not easily suffer this skin problem because their skin does a great job of stretching and holding in moisture. The dermis, which is the middle skin, has an elastic quality that keeps the skin look and feel young. Protein plays a big part in preventing wrinkles in the dermis.

On the other hand, the dermis also losses both collagen (protein) and elastin (fiber), therefore, the skin gets thinner and has problem in getting enough moisture to the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin. As fat gives the skin a fleshy appearance and begins to disappear, the epidermis begins to hang down, and wrinkles are formed.

The mere fact that the wrinkling of the skin, formation of wrinkles, can be delayed or stopped by certain medical treatments like reduction of factors, medicines and treatments for infectious diseases like herpes, and injection treatments for superficial wounds, vascular lesions and other anesthetic injections for cancer.retsail, the biggest reason why wrinkles are not made of pure muscle or adipose tissue: the skin is too thin.

What Do I Do About It?

Some of the major cosmetic procedures for fighting wrinkles are:

· Laser therapy· Chemical peel· Injectable fillers· Surgical facial fillers

Laser therapy, i.e. photo-rejuvenation, is one of the most important treatments for fighting wrinkles on the face. Photo-rejuvenation techniques are ones in which the laser is used to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin. Its name comes from the fact that laser is used to kill thehesion layer of the skin in a process called photorejuvenation. The effect of this is photo-rejuvenation of the skin which is used to make the skin appear younger and smoother.

Laser therapy is one of the advanced techniques to remove wrinkles. It is popular for removing age spots and sun spots. It is also used for the treatment of scars and blemishes.

Chemical Peel is a very popular method to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin. A chemical solution is used to remove the first layer of the skin for reducing wrinkles on the face and all around the eyes.

Fillers are a cosmetic procedure where a powdered aluminum is used to fill up the gaps of the skin upon removal.

Surgical Facial Filler injections are used to smoothen out the wrinkles, scars and blemishes. It is a very popular method but is safe if done properly.

Cosmetic Fillers

Cosmetic fillers are solutions injected into the skin which can boost the volume of the skin and minimize the wrinkles. These are also used for the treatment of scars and age spots.

How are they used?

In injections, they are injected into the skin near the mouth. They are like a miracle cure. Within a day the results are obvious.

They can be used all over the face and neck for deep puffy wrinkles, uneven facial lines, and pigmentation problems.

What are the results?

Because of the nature of the treatment, it is difficult to extract exact results. However, the majority of people see an improvement in the texture of the skin. If the filler is injected deep into the skin, it can sculpt the skin and prevent the fullness of the face from looking drawn. The effects of the treatment are long lasting.

The treatments are completed in a few minutes. They are usually repeated every 4-6 months.

Are there any side effects?

Tiny redness and swelling around the site of injections may show occasionally. You may also feel a stinging pain, or redness from the injection. These symptoms are usually temporary. If they persist, you should speak to your doctor for consideration.

They are a very effective way of reducing wrinkles. Smoothing out the wrinkles are long lasting effects. The best age spot reducers use this method. Results are seen even after just a few treatments. Yet, the outcome is seen after a number of treatments. The best age spot reducers use it.

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