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Do you ever wonder how on earth did hair become so beautiful? It seems like when we see it…it’s supposed to be so ugly! But what is truly ugly about hair? and how can we make it stay that way? Beauty of course, is in the eye of the beholder, and completely dependent on how you perceive it. But if you want to have beautiful hair one thing is clear, you need to keep it in good health despite it being beautiful.

Health and beauty of hair – A mutually exclusive relationship

Beauty and healthy hair must be considered as a spiritual asset rather than physical feature. Beauty cannot be maintained without healthy hair, nothing is more frustrating than spending hundreds of dollars and spending hours and pounds to finally obtain that perfect look only to in the end of the process realize that you have wasted your money and time and suffering from broken promises. The better shape of your hair, the more it radiates beauty and charm about you.

Ask your hairstylist to prescribe you the products that best suit your hair and skin type. While she is aware of the physical make-up of your hair, she will more than likely try to persuade you to use her particular brand or type of product instead of using a product that she knows nothing about. She has a pretty good idea of what will make your hair look beautiful, but unless you tell her exactly which type of product you prefer, you may or may not get the results you were hoping for.

The basic object here is to find out what sort of hair you have. Oily, dry, and normal hair, all have different needs for different products. People that have curly hair will benefit from a more thorough understanding of what their hair type really is. They may have to work with their hair once a week to keep it looking great, or once every two weeks for dry hair.

heads and scalps – hair care is not just about getting a good cut. Part of a good hair care routine is a daily regimen of cleansing and massaging your scalp and/or hair with some good hair oil. This is not just some hippy stuff, but a very important part of keeping your hair healthy. The essential oil will help to keep your hair well moisturized and always glowing. Never massage your head too much, this is a big no-no. There are some great scalp massages that you can either purchase on your own and give them to yourself, or you can always have a friend over and give yourself a good head massage.

Give Your Hair A Good Hair Massage

Massaging your scalp for 5 minutes at a time will help to increase the blood flow to the scalp. Blood is the life force of your hair. It helps you to grow hair not just temporarily but completion. The best time to massage your scalp is first thing in the morning. maybe after a shower or after you have finished washing your hair. It can be a little bit earlier in the morning if you have not had any time to shower.

The next time you need to take off that weave or braided hair part and give your hair that deep massage it deserves. Leave it in your hair for a few minutes and then rinse it out. You will get a few extra dollars in your pocket for doing this.

Don’t ever skip this step. Ever. If you don’t like it, you seriously have to wash it out or trim it. You just shouldn’t have to worry about it. This is keeping your scalp healthy.

Types of Hair Massage

There are mainly two types of hair massages. One is the Hot Stone massage, and the other is the Deep tissue massage. Only the Hot Stone massage is truly effective to stimulate the blood circulation to your scalp. This is actually conditioning your hair into growing healthy hair. The Deep tissue massage will break down the scar tissue, and relaxes your scalp. This will help it to reflexically start growing hair again.

I get a massage about once a week. It doesn’t take much time and it’s free. I really enjoy getting the deep tissue massage. It actually feels better when I have it done. After the massage, I apply some really good straightening cream by the roots. This keeps my hair pretty strong while it grows out.

Then the next time is my beach season where I get to wear my hair in various bikinis and chlorine capes. After getting a massage on my scalp, I put on my cap and rinse it out. The capillary action rinses all the bad toxins away. It feels pretty good and I really enjoy the fact that my hair looks and feels better.

Sometimes when I am feeling stressed, or am having a bad day shouldn’t really define how I should feel. I have learned to live with it, because it makes me who I am.

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