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One of the biggest defense tools in your fight against UV damage is having great products or simply working to stay out of the sun. Many of us know how important having great skin is to having that perfect look, but being that your hair is epidermis is not always enough. Many people struggle with hair that is damaged by the sun and years of purely protecting their curls from the sun.

The old belief was that simply using shampoos and conditioners would eliminate the need for sun protection. This has been mostly proven wrong. Realizing that the hair sun protecting agents are in the particles of the products that we use on our hair, but the hair sun protecting agents are also in our scalp. While we can apply shampoos and conditioners to the scalp, these products are not reaching the hair shaft in a very quick time. In addition to this, the scalp starts to secrete additional oils the longer the hair stays in the sun. A solution to this is required.

inventor and dermatologist, syndrome of the scalp was born. Dr. Brinkenhoff is a medical doctor and has existed in the life of medicine since the 50’s. His inventions including silica sand and lemon oil have proven beneficial in treating the scalp and have led to positive results in treating various diseases. He also formed an interprofessional consultation group on scientific topics.

Following this, he developed a product called, Cellexavier, a product which is a combination of natural ingredients. Each ingredient has a unique role to play. A few of the ingredients include, silica, emu, lavender, pine, mint, lemongrass and eucalyptus. (Basically, these are all moisturizing ingredients.)

This product is versatile in the sense that you can treat the hair with it’s various forms. You can apply it as a spray, and give yourself a deep conditioning with it’s various products. These include shampoo, conditioner, hair vitamins, and styling aids. Cellexavier is the result of years of research. He knew that if these vitamins and other ingredients were going to help the hair, then he would have created a product which worked with all of them.

2.Use the same shampoo as a deep conditioner.

Never use someone else’s shampoo because you can possibly get a better product. Every hair type is different and every hair can be cared for differently. By using someone else’s shampoo, you do not know what type of hair that person has and you do not know how they care for their hair. By using Cellexavier, you can send out the message that you care about your hair and that you have tried to make it look better. This will get you a lot of shots off compliments from the left and right.

3.Use the same conditioner as a deep conditioner.

Never save your conditioner for the last time you wash your hair. Try to make up for the natural oils lost while washing your hair. You may discover that you can do better with a bit of gloss. As always, read the ingredients carefully and make sure that you and your hair are comfortable with the choices you have.

4.Make sure to always air dry your hair.

A common mistake that many women make is leaving their hair while it is still wet. When you are washing your hair you want to use warm water and you want to gently squeeze the water out of your hair pats. You should then dry your hair with a towel. You leave your hair to dry naturally. Brushing it will just make matters worse!

5.Use natural oils instead of an expensive hair product.

A good general tip is to use oils instead of cheap oils. You can find different types of oils. For example, use coconut oil instead of something made from petrol. Coconut oil is safe to use on your hair and scalp. There is a non greasy coconut oil that you can use. You can also use coconut butter instead of something made from petrol. Coconut butter is safe to use on your hair and scalp. There is another option to using coconut oil, and that is to use a shampoo made from coconut oil. The coconut oil shampoo will make your hair very healthy because of the coconut oil.

6.Wash your hair in warm water.

Never wash your hair in really hot water. Jellyfish like warm water to trick your scalp that it is ransoming to a good clean. Rinse your head and then repeat the process. You always want to wash your hair in really warm water. warmed up, or hot, water can damage the scalp and hair.

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