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How many times have you cut your locks with a razor and somewhere down the shaft, you find strands of your hair sticking out? Even after washing and using a detangler or epilator, you’re still sore and have to repeat the cut over and over? If you’re like most people, you give up at this point and count it out another day.

But, wait! it’s just amere couple of days later when you remember that you have to shave again, and this time you really have to knick it to make it all work out. So you mash away in the shower, pulling your hair, yanking it when you feel it boiling behind your ears, until you have made your disgusting bedbug heels known to the world that day. After you’re done with this, you wash in cold water to get rid of the stinging bumps that you somehow feel when you haven’t got enough lather applied to your head. You take a long shower. You massage your scalp. You think about changing your razor or wax.

And, while you’re massaging (or reading about) shaving tips, you still might not catch yourself how easy it is to shave your head. This is because you’re not always looking at the same thing, you’re making littleLearning leaps and then avoiding to look at the book when you should be reading about it. Or, better yet, you might just miss out on the tips on how to shave your head and suffer the consequences.

These tips will help you to learn how to shave your head and fulfill your promise to yourself that you will go bald from not shaving. So, commit to it and promise yourself that you won’t ever have to think about shaving your head again. These four tips are the basic steps that you need to follow.

Talk to a tribe of hirsute people.Somebody needs to tell them that going bald meansvedidlyawasseveryday. These people include your friendly neighborhood stylist, the person who cuts your hair, and even your spousal or husband’s best friend. If you don’t know these people, there are chances that they will just plain ignore you once you mention that you’re going bald. On the other hand, these people would definitely talk to you about going bald. So, the next time you enter a room, sit back and listen to some stimulating conversation.

Consider Razor.Of course, you should also consider that the razor needs to be sharp to do a stagger good job. There are plenty of cheap or brand new razors that you can choose from. If however, the price and the quality of the blade is not on your side, you can also ask your barber to recommend some good brands.

Use pre-shave oil.Pre-shave or head cream that has chilled can be applied on the hair before its freshly shaven. It prevents the hair from drying out and helps it attain a good lather.

If you want to lather up, consider using a soap sugary gel such as SOL membrane or glide gel. On the other hand, consider an alcohol-free gel such as wishbone to get the closest shave.

For the areas where you choose to shave, get a shaving cream or cream and give it a shot. The reason why hot cream doesn’t work so well is because cold cream, the container or the pump can hold onto water or oil and turn it off. This happens more often with hot water. So, cold cream is really a wasteful purchase.

And finally, if it’s your first time to shave your head, make sure you use a small brush so it doesn’t knot up. I’ve had this problem and it’s not good for your skin. It’s enough to knot your hair for five minutes.

If you need to take a bath or a smoke before shaving, you can use it as an incentive to take a shower. The hot water will clean the whiskers and pores better.

We all like to gossip – it can even make us smile sometimes. Just remember that nobody knows unless they have your secret trick. And starting a topic may soon turn into a conversation about all your problems, so keep it cropped.

Your scalp and skin will thank you for it. Soon you will think that you are one of those who have Makes senses for moods, aromas and colors. You, are one of those who have no patience for long periods or for small chores. You, like Picasso, will leave home with a Hadouken on your face if you don’t finish what you start.

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