Easy Ways to Look Young and Sexy Again

Want to look sexy again and have an inch-loss or a few pounds lighter? Simple, all you need is some stomach shaping exercises and a few simple changes to your lifestyle.

As we age, our tummy swells up and we are left with a bunch of saggy, flabby flesh around our waist. The skin below our tummy starts to sag as well. This loose skin causes our tummy to look large and generally ‘ola’, which is another word for ‘the tummy’.

While avocado is great for your hair, it isn’t so great for your tummy. Ever wonder why pregnant women look so puffy and bloated? It’s because they are carrying that unnecessary pregnancy tummy. While it’s good to carry extra weight, it isn’t so good to carry it around your tummy.

The resulting inverted triangle atop our tummy is caused by the abdominal cavity doing it’s job and retaining water. When the water level is high enough, the fat is fully submerged. The fluid plays a couple of major roles. First, it collects in the abdominal cavity, giving it a lumpy, uneven look. Second, the water increases the amount of salt in your body, causing your remaining skin to stretch and sag. Third, it helps to keep your blood flowing, bringing healthy, fresh cells to the surface.

While we can’t always avoid the sea surge, we can fight against it. There are two ways to fight the bloating and swelling. First, we can drink more water. Warm water is the best, since it warms our insides and boosts our metabolism. The second is to warm ourselves with items that will produce that warm feeling, such as a morning walk through your neighborhood or a bowl of hot soup. The vitamin C in the hot soup will help your body absorb the water and flush the toxins away.

However, the results of these warm baths and walks don’t stop there. Instead of walking outdoors to walk across the city, we can often ‘ internship ‘ in the beach’. For this, you need to get a pool. While walking across the city is great, avoiding the humidity in the upper floors and keeping the pool stirred is harder. This beneath the orange, white, and pink balloon-like thing on the water is called the beach.

The beach is not just for the summer though. Even during winter, the beach is a great place to get a tan. You don’t need the heater or even indirect sunlight. Just step into the surf and die. Literally.

While some of these things can be expensive, you should expect to pay between ten dollars and a hundred dollars for each session. Also, you should always get a sunscreen with an SPF of at least twenty. Less is more though, especially if you’re fair skinned. Look for a sunscreen with minimum SPF, such as most sunscreens.

There’s more, but let’s get these two things in order. You want to get enough vitamin C to combat those wrinkles. Vitamin C is one of the most easiest ways to avoid wrinkles, but your local supermarket can’t sell it. Vitamin C can be sold in capsule form, but that will turn your hair orange.

Try to avoid tanning for awhile to avoid those wrinkles. Also, be sure to get enough vitamin A. This vitamin is very similar to vitamin C and can help your skin similar to a way to reversing sun damage. The other two vitamins are quite similar and can help your skin similar to how a good nightcream can help your skin.

Get a proper amount of sleep every night. Your body will thank you for it by producing a healthy amount of growth hormones.

Finally, you should always try to get some plain water every day. It does wonders for removing dead cells from skin. Not only should you drink enough water, you should aim to consume at least 8 portions a day. Keep in mind that one portion is the size of a fingernail. I promise you, it’s not just for the sake of beauty.

The bottom line is that you are never going to look as good as those who are always breathing in the latest news about the latest beauty trend. However, you can all look as classy as the day you were born. And that’s what every woman should do, because no one said that looking good was easy.

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