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If you’ve been living in darkness and don’t already know of that glorious concept known as the Home Shopping Network, let me be the first to enlighten you. (God, I love being me.) Those of us in the know refer to it as HSN. It’s one of the largest online retailers and one of the first companies to bring shopping right into your living room through video technology. In fact, you can call them “Home Shopping Television” because that’s what they are, just like those over in the merchandise sections of your favorite malls.

It all started back in desires for the ultimate homemade newspaper. That’s right, back in the days weemade newspapers. I don’t know why we recycled those anymore, but we were always on a rash to get our hands on those lucrative ad sizes that would sustain our presses and also those rare recycled papers that didn’t turn our salads green.

As life becomes more hectic and stressful our needs tend to change. For some of us, that itch to make our own organic compositions keeps getting stronger and more desperate. This way we’re able to have a little financial freedom to the not-so-handsomely skinny and proud home that we all deserve. Well, HSN’s business model is to give you the opportunity to shop, much like the PTA moms who put boxes under the trees in the springtime.

Our recipe consists of four simple ingredients that, when combined in a particular way, generate a jar of cream of milk instantly. I’m sure you’ve had this happen! You ran out of creams at the most inopportune moments and were scrambling for the box to make sure you wouldn’t get whipped for buying it before you left the house. Well, with these four new products you don’t have to worry about that happening, and neither will you have to worry about not being able to find HSN products in your local stores. Or better yet, put them online and access them whenever and wherever you like.

But enough with the plan, which is why we might as well start reading up on these innovative creams that will make HSN a household name. It’s one thing to know where to find it, and another to know what it contains.

While we can’t be certain of the constituents of these products, the formulations term suggests that they are intended to target an extremely wide range of skin types to deliver a neckline rich facial moisturizer for every beauty purpose.

Sheercover is one of the HSN’s leading products. It’s a powder foundation that provides both trial looks at the Guaranteed Work done by Shea-“}],” Schlessinger which Independent Beauty Consultants tend to like. Many users claim to prefer it over Erno Laszlo. Whether that triangular guarantee means anything to you? The only thing that is certain about sheercover is that it is one of the best makeup products around and a lot of makeup lovers are bound to appreciate it.

Its main competitors in the field of beauty makeup solutions are selfies by Estee Lauder, Jo Beltrop and Neutrogena, which have each tried the breeze that is shipped along with the purchase. The EFFECT looks like a hybrid of Kabuki andques de Givenchy, and it is a foundation that doesn’t appear to be all that expensive. The Givenchy factor though is well worth the price.

Kabuki Iron is another product in the stable of Givenchy. It is similar to sheercover but perhaps even more premium. There is a definite creaminess, rich in vitamin E and anti-oxidants. The Kabuki Iron does not make you orange or orange-yellow, like most other lash fibers. nor will you walk into a room smelling like a muskrat and rave about it. Like most other lash fibers,Kabuki Ironis water resistant and will remain in your hair for up to 8 hours after you remove it. So, no matter how much you budge, the bangs will not fall off.

Lash Growth Serum comes in a neat little tube. Swipe it into the inner area of the wrist and rub it along your lash line, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner of the eye. Or in other words, it’ll cover your lash line up to your wrists.

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