How To Get Rid Of Summer Freckles

The days of summer are nearly over and people may notice more freckles in the mirror than they had before the season started. It’s normal. Single or in clusters, these freckles happen with each passing summer due to sun overexposure.

And if one has fair skin, they’re bound to have more. Those who have an olive complexion or darker are able to camoflauge freckles a lot better.

Freckles are also known as sun spots. Both are a result of skin damage. These blemishes are spotted on the shoulders, legs, and topside of hands.

A recommended first step is to see a skin care professional. For example, a glycolic peel service is a good start for deep exfoliation. While it improves overall skin texture, it also does even out the skin tone.

A popular method to help get rid of freckles is a chemical peel. For peace of mind, please make sure it’s performed at a medical spa or doctor’s office.

A series of microdermabrasion sessions will also be beneficial to reducing freckles. This is a painless process that removes the upper layers of skin. Since it involves a rubbing device, you don’t have to worry about experiencing any discomfort.

A series of medical spa services will include a facials and possibly some massage. But don’t think that just because there is a series of facials that you will get the freckles gone. Remember that healing time is required for scarring to occur.

It may be several weeks until the freckles begin to fade. Since they have no anxiety to spread, they usually fade in a three to four year time period.

Another way to help reduce freckles is to use a skin moisturizer. Many brands offer a freckle reduction formula.

Remember that many skin care products contain acids or other highly irritating chemicals. Many of these products are designed to help reduce freckles, but they may still cause irritation to the skin.

Another method that you may want to consider is the microdermabrasion. This process exfoliates the outer layers of the skin and eliminates the thickened skin.

After a series of microdermabrasion treatments, you will be able to see the difference from blemishes that were previously noticeable.

Another treatment that may worth considering is the chemical peel. This is a good choice for those with light to medium skins. There are many different types of treatments available and you may want to consult with your skin care professional to determine which is best for you.

In addition to a series of microdermabrasion treatments, you may also want to consider the airbrushing. This is a procedure that is done in a professional spa or clinic. It is a relatively quick procedure that affects the top layers of the skin and is relatively painless.

Many people choose to use the creams and lotions that are sold in stores. Unfortunately, you may not be as successful as you hoped. The problem is that those products contain a bleaching agent that is 100 times stronger than hydroquinone. Plus, hydroquinone is expensive.

If you were going to use one of these products, you would have to prepare your skin for it. By taking a few weeks off work or avoiding a tanning bed for a while, your freckles should dramatically reduce.

For those who are looking for a faster solution, you may want to consider a cosmetic concealer. Choose one that is a shade lighter than what you are using. If you are having some extra problems with freckles, make sure to use this in addition to any of the above.

Our lips, eyes, and skin contain a natural pigment called melanin.  When you are exposed to the sun, melanin is produced in greater quantities.  When you then go to bed, the melanin is reduced.  Yet, if you are exposed to the sun during the day, there is no melanin production and freckles are developed.

A solution to this is using a skin cream that is high in both vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acid.  Vitamin C is the antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals.  The other ingredients help to maintain a proper balance of Vitamin C and that results in a more even skin tone.  In addition to that, these creams help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  If you are looking for a more natural solution, you should consider a skin care regimen that incorporates both vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acid.

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