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Eyes are considered as the most precious possession of human beings, especially women. The eyes therefore need to be protected from all harmful agents and factors which may have an adverse impact on their health.

The eyes are considered as the first part of human body which is seen and pierced by other body parts. The eyebrows are another part of the eye which is used for scratching an itch or for the philosophy actions. But the most part of the eye is seen when the eyes are exposed to the dust and debris of the environment. Usually the eyelids start to accumulate dust and they start function as a barrier for the removal of toxins from the eyes.

There are many factors which affect the eyelids. Some of the most important of them areapping,scarring,urden,genetic,skin,food allergies,natural illnessand so on.

Tips for the prevention of eyelid disorders

The eyelids may start having irritation and shape changes which start appearing in the form of red lids. The condition gets worse in case of long duration of exposure to sunlight, dust, hot or cold areas. Other factors that may have adverse effect on the eyelids are smoking, consumption of stimulant, alcohol and some drugs.

For leaving the eyelids better press and massage two strawberries to each eye. Recline and place two spoons in each eye. Recline some time and apply cream to make it better. For brightening the whole eye, take a spoonful of orange juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and a drop of sandalwood essential oil. mixture is applied around the eyes. By this, the skin around the eyes gets enriched and darkened. But caution is need to be taken in the application of such creams around the area of eyes, which is near the eyes.

For eyelid disorders, mashed avocados or half an avocado paste is applied with the help of a cotton ball. After which cold pressed coconut oil is pressed. The applied portion is held for 15 minutes and then iced. After the process cooled, the oil is removed and the broken remains are poured off. The condition will last for 8 to 10 days.

tweak of the eyebrows

The eyebrows are another important thing about the face. If the eyebrows are done beautifully, it adds a charm to the whole face .Thinly trimmed and neat eyebrows can give a youthful look to the face .For tweezing one’s eyebrows, a person is required to apply a bit of pressure for causing the hair to fall. After causing enough pain for the hair to fall the tweezers are used to tweeze the hair.   A spoonful of glycerine is rubbed on the skin around the edges. The condition will last for a week.

Other ways to pluck the eyebrows:

Permanent teeth whitening:

teens usually go for many bonding or teeth whitening procedures. They smear gel or goo over their teeth. The stains can be removed after a few months by applying bleaching

Not very often noticed but it is also called as cold pull. It is done by placing a very thin line of white eyeliner on the lower and upper eyelashes. One is required to do this for both upper and lower. Eyelashes are made to look thicker with the application of white eyeliner.

namely the lower utensils or the inner parts of the lower lid,

namely the lower lid or the area below the brow bone.

Complications of the brow lifting

It is possible that a person’s face destroys the shape of other facial parts. This can be done by over stretching the musculocutaneus muscle responsible for the human face. Such an occurrence can be miraculous, as the musculocutaneus muscle can be stretched to the point where it cannot close properly. The facial bones will never get the shape back, as the bone and cartilage will be continually damaged.

If the procedure is done incorrectly, the eyes may move unexpectedly, the skin color may be uneven, and the eyebrows will be lifted unexpectedly. Even the eye goggles may not work as designed, as most users of eyebrow lift find the equipment integral in enhancing their own looks, not as a means to replace complicated and expensive cosmetic surgery for those whose health or appearance is at stake.

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