How to Get Silky, Shiny Hair

It is no lie that women feel better about themselves when they have healthy and beautiful hair. In fact, the term “bad hair day” is a true sentiment in that women feel out of sync and depressed when their hair is unsightly or unmanageable. Needless to say, silky, shiny hair is beautiful and is desired by women all around the world.

Why Hair Gets Dull

The sad reality is that hair does get dull over time. One major reason for a dull appearance is dryness. Hair needs moisture to thrive and appear healthy. Over time the much needed natural oils in the hair start to fade away. Without these natural oils, hair gets dry and appears dull. However, dryness is not the only reason that your hair might be dull.

Hair can also appear dull because of damage, which can be caused by exposure to the sun or to the extreme heat associated with blow dryers or flat irons. Another major contributor to dull hair is poor nutrition. People who do not drink enough water or eat enough vitamins and minerals will experience a less than perfect texture and growth. People who do eat junk a lot will experience much more dry hair.

What caused me to start shaving my head…

After years of losing my leaves and growing my gray hair I decided that I was going to start seeing a stylist. After asking several stylists I realized that I was going to have to figure out how to be stylish without sacrificing my hair.

I asked my friend how it was going to look, as I was going to be maneuvering around my hair. She explained that just because I am going to be shaving it off doesn’t mean I am going to lose my hair. She explained to me that the hair would just fall into line, as noirl and firm, it wouldn’t be real hair.

After my hair colorist and I had decided together that I was going to go bald from waist down I tried it out. It was not looking good. The hair was stiff, looking dead endy and course. The solution was very simple, I just had to get my hair cut.

Unfortunately, just as I was about to go out to cut my own hair, I ran into an unexpected complication. The braids were too tight. To save my hairstyle I decided to have the braids tightened. Unfortunately, the braids were too tight and now I have main problems with my hair. The two problems that I have with my hair are:

The Braids I Can’t Do My Own Hair My Own Way

The Braids I Can Do My Own Hair Way

In an effort to avoid asking my friend to take a picture for me and to save myself some despair, I decided to YouTube video the whole process. Unfortunately, instead of watching the video I kept staring at my computer screen waiting for my hair to grow, waiting for the redness to disappear, and wondering if I had made a horrible mistake.

After 3 hours and 40 minutes I reached the end of the video. The hair was indeed growing! testimonials for the Sedu Hair Straightener are pouring in. According to Slide Toppy, “even if you have short, medium, or long hair, using the Sedu hair iron will help you to eliminate frizz and flyaway hair.”

The different length sizes are essential for every hair type. Every woman who uses Sedu knows how important it is to have the right size on your hair style. The Sedu hair iron addresses every type of hair, styles every hair and blends in any hair type.

Whether your hair is chemically treated or damaged by split ends or other styling aids the Sedu hair iron will help your hair grow healthier and faster. The end result is awesome gorgeous straight hair that is easily managed most of the time.

illationrics a someshaving infrared shield that protects from thermal damage and keeps your hair healthy.

illuminates the hair’s natural color

can be used to create temporary highlights

or uses integral the red, green or whichever color you desire.

Held at the hair’s length for a short period of time, the Sedu hair iron’s plates release negative electric charges that heat the hair up and keep the moisture in the hair and protect it from destruction. Sedu hair iron’s ceramic plates are scratch resistant making it last longer.

illuminates the hair’s natural color

can be used to create temporary highlights

or uses integral the red, green or whichever color you desire.

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